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Why she is hiding her past sex experience?

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma

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I understand that everyone needs a clear picture and honesty about the past before getting into a committed relationship. If you do not share it with your partner and get to know about things later then this can affect your relationship a’lot. But do you wonder why she is hiding her past sex experience ?

It is NOT her fault completely because she is scared about the Indian society.

A guy will slut shame her if she gives him a great blowjob or have a wonderful sex. He will probably get insecure and start taking her lightly because he is probably thinking you are a slut.

This is the reason why most of the couples in India avoid having good sex. They fail to share their fantasies and do not feel satisfied at all . People in India consider silly or no moves in bed as decency and suddenly start respecting their partner a’lot more.

This is in our head due to our old generation but we have come very far from the old times which we fail to agree when it comes to the past.

This is the reason she is hiding her past sex experience from you because she will think that you will judge her for being good in bed and will not get serious about the relationship.

Having a good sex is a part of love and it should be enjoyed. Go as much nasty as you can . Let your girlfriend lick her tits while you suck her boobs too, Stop Judging your girl and she will not hide any past sex experiences.

Getting dirty in bed is better than dirty thinking. Respect your partner and leave everything in past , make each other happy and grow together.

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