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How long should you wait to sleep with someone?

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma

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These days people talk to each other online and plan to meet . Sometimes, they have sex on the first meet. Some people take months before they get sexual with each other.

but what is the best time to have sex with him ?

Many girls are wondering when is the best time to get sexual with their partner so that no body judges her.

As a guy , I would like to be honest about everything . Almost every guy will judge you if you are easy for him. He do not care about the loyalty in the beginning. He stays more worried about your character and this is the sad reality.

But that does not mean you cannot have sex with him on the day you meet him. Relationships do last long even though you start with with the hookup. Relationship may end even though you take time to have sex with him. Sex will never affect the relationship. It’s all in our head. You can sleep with him anytime. But what is the ideal time for all us to to sleep with someone ?

If you invest more time building an emotional bond , that will be worth it ! Wondering why ?

If you will have sex with him on the first date, you will eventually talk about your sex all day and get bored.

Building an emotional bond is better because you will have other things to talk about . Take your partner out for a Movie , low-key dates are the best thing you can ever do with your partner because you will have a’lot of content to talk about apart from sex and this will create a healthy and positive bond.

Sex is a part of love , let’s not ruin the relationship by judging on the basis of the time you had sex with someone. But , the best time to sleep with someone would be after having an emotional bond.

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