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This type of guy will pretend that he cares for you.



Wondering what kind of a guy pretends to take care of you? You will get a glimpse of how these guys behave in this article!

1. Gives you a missed call in the morning.

You’re probably in a deep sleep every morning. He’ll Drop a short call twice or thrice when you’re asleep along with a small good morning message on your WhatsApp. This way you will wake up with a guilt wondering that you didn’t respond on time and this will probably make you feel like He cares for you so much but it’s YOU who failed to give him the same response.

2. Make Plans and never execute.

He would talk about going out with you, Plan trips with you and probably jerk off talking about the things he would do to your body while on a trip. After he cums, he would probably never plan such things and book another oyo room for the next weekend.

3. Talking about how busy he is

He will probably never text you first and always reply you back after few hours with an excuse or an apology to text you late. He will probably show up like “Oh, I’m so sorry, I just got so busy with family, I missed you so much”. He will probably ghost you again once you agree to talk to him and he jerks off to another sexual conversation between you guys.

4. Won’t talk about your day.

You will keep on asking him about different things but he will never take the details about your day because he’s not interested in you the same way like you are. But he won’t accept it and continue to entertain you in breaks.

These are a few out of so many points that prove that he just pretends to take care of you. If you need daily dating tips, Relationship Advice and Dating stories then subscribe to this blog below.

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