how to text her on instagram
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2021: How to text her on Instagram Using Tips and Tricks



If you are wondering about how to text her on Instagram then stick to this article till the end.

What all you will learn from this?

You may find various other tips included here but it’s all-important for you to read so that It can make her feel interested in you!

Bonus: This article will help you in setting up your Instagram Profile as well.

Real dating apps like tinder are not very useful these days. The algorithm of almost every dating app has changed that may give you a few or no matches at all. This article will help you understand the following queries:

How to set up your Instagram Profile?

How to get her reply on Instagram?

How to slide in her DM?

How to approach her on Instagram?

How to find people around you like a dating app using

“Why Am I Not Getting Any Matches On A Dating App?”

Dating apps are just a collection of the same profiles which are already present on Instagram database. People still prefer downloading dating apps because it’s the only motive is to help people find a date.

Study says that “90 Percent of the time, people switch to Instagram in a few texts after they feel a connection with someone on any dating app.”
This process could be long and it may make you feel less confident if you end up getting no reply later.

The dating apps algorithm needs to be blamed. Matches have slowed down. But, Instagram got your back!

How to find And Text Her from Instagram?

● The ‘Explore’ option on Instagram can do wonders for you. It’s just like a passport to explore different people from all over the world.
● But it’s only used to explore all the public profiles on Instagram that are trending. If you end up texting those people then either you will be ignored or you may end up in a long-distance friendship. Do you really think I was going to say a relationship? NO!

This explore option is just like the tinder passport option. It’s nice that it exists. But it’s not worth buying it.

A) Instagram Profile

Before you make any move, You need to set up your Instagram Profile. Set up your profile on Instagram just like you do it on any other dating app.
● Add really good pictures.
● Create highlights of your work and your hobbies.

For Example: If you are into fitness then you can create a highlight about it because many people are attracted to intelligence and hygiene. This will mark a really good impression about you and they may not be able to stop themselves from texting you back.
● Avoid adding your shirtless picture as an Instagram display picture. This is usually a turn off for many girls even if you look good shirtless.
● Upload a profile picture that looks classy and decent.

B) Use Location

  1. This acts just like your radius settings on a dating app.
  2. Type nearby areas from your place on the Instagram search bar and you will see pictures of so many people.
  3. But, You will only see pictures from profiles that are set to public mode.
  4. Select the profile you like and text them on their story if they have posted something related to their interest.

For example: If they have posted a story about music or a movie, ask them “what movie it is or what music you are listening to”, this is how you can get her reply on Instagram. Try to divert your conversation to the location part (YOU know that they stay nearby) and act surprised when they tell you about where they stay. When Distance isn’t much, Even she will get curious to know about you.

C) Check your friends following list

Earlier back in the 1990s, people used to set up their friends if they were single. It is healthy and it is a safer experience as well. Also, this kind of relationship turns out to be successful most of the time.

  1. Check your friends following list and see who you like.
  2. If your intention is clean then you can ask your friend to
    introduce you to them. This works most of the time.

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