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How to move on ? | The Positive way

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma

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The whole point of moving on in a positive way means learning how to keep yourself happy alone.

Things Not To do :

Installing A Dating App :

Installing a dating app like tinder and going on dates will never bring you peace after breakup.

Getting Active On Social Apps :

Getting Active on Social Apps more by posting pictures and pretending to be carefree will work for some time but at the end of the day you will still think about it when you are alone.

Addiction :

Getting Addicted to Alcohol or Cigarettes will bring more pain and loneliness.

Finding Reasons to hate your ex :

Finding Reasons to hate on your ex will waste your energy because deep inside you can never hate your ex if you loved them.

Not Blocking your ex :

People will ask you not to block your ex and show them your lifestyle but watching their updates instead will bring you more pain and it won’t affect them much if they will see you posting pictures.

How to move on with peace ?

You should block your ex on social apps because blocking negative people ( because it brings you pain ) out of your life will bring you time to think about yourself without worrying about their life. It will genuinely bring you peace.

You have to site back and relax after you block them. Even if you cry, keep thinking about moving on because you are finally teaching yourself how to stay happy without depending on others. Here your ex is unstable because they cannot make a choice but you were always stable since the beginning of the relationship because you wanted to stay without giving up on them.

Breakup is the blessing to you from god because

your ex remains in the same state of mind but you get a chance to start your life in a fresh way and with a beautiful mindset of changing life in a good way which will make you more strong and you will learn to keep yourself happy alone.

By alone I mean , removing negative people and do things without depending on others because after few years you will realise that you were always strong and your ex still remains weak because maybe they are still doing the same with others and depending on them for happiness but if you need to move on , you should always focus on yourself and believe that . “Time heals Everything” .

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