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Why first sex attempt fails 90 percent ?




The ladies who are here on my blog for this interesting post, I welcome you all and guys don’t worry if your girl is nice to you she will understand you better next time after going through this post.

  • 90 percent of men fails to have sex for the first time . why is it happening to most of the guys yet nobody accepts it ?
  • Sometimes partners talk about sex a day before trying it and that day the guy goes through thousand of google pages in order to give the best performance .
  • There is no harm in doing it because you are in love and your partner deserves all the fun and pleasure.
  • But why you end up embarrassing yourself even though you are so well prepared about it ?
In this blog post , You will find a reason of this failed attempt and a one line solution to it . 
  • Guys ! you don’t have to be a porn star haha.. take things slow and easy .
  • stop concentrating on every move she takes after you !! that concentration is so high and it kills your mood because you are so worried if she is feeling good or not .
  • you are worried about the face she will make looking at the size of your d*ck .
  • you are just worried for no fC*king reason .
  • This race going on in your mind builds a tensed atmosphere and you lose erection .
  • There is no issue in you, there is a performance pressure that leads to failed attempt .
Next time you go for it , just have a pint of beer or a good conversation and just go with the flow with eyes closed. No girl in love will judge you . Relax and enjoy love life , it’s just performance pressure. Hope this helps , cheers!! 
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