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Did he disappear ? You might have done this by mistake.

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma

Get a call back if you need dating tips , hookup tips or fitness tips.


If you are attracted to someone and you want him to give you attention but it turns out to be totally opposite then you might have done these two mistakes.

Mistake number 1 : You were too hot for him . If you went on the first date and you turn out to be too hot for him then it can make him insecure. He will get really scared to initiate the relationship with you. He has definitely started liking you but he is already scared to loose you because he is not that attractive as compared to you.

Here , you will have to approach him and make him feel more comfortable about his personality and looks. You may want to make him feel secured by meeting him more often and giving him more attention .

But if you also believe that you are too hot for him then you can mess this relationship by ignoring him and waiting for him to call you after the first date.

Mistake number 2 : You are too cool for him . You do not have to talk about your past relationships in such type of a date. You do not have to talk about your girls group who get laid easily , You do not have to share about your girls who are on tinder and take everything lightly. If you really want this to go further and expect him to give you attention then you should be Warm for him.

how to get attention from your guy by being warm ?

Laugh at his jokes

Give him a warm hug .

Talk about your Goals in life.

Talk about your family.

Be friendly and let’s not be formal like it’s your interview with a boss.

Take compliments with a smile.

And one most important thing !!

Be curious about his life too and question him around all those things mentioned above which will create a healthy bond and make him feel secure as well .This is how you will get a call back after the first date and He will not be afraid to spend his precious time with you.

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