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Just do this to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend.

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma

( 3 minutes read )

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People often talk about following things that helps build relationship in a long run .

Respect :

Never let your partner dis-respect you. The respect is the most important aspect of the relationship which helps build trust and also makes you feel comfortable when you are with each other.

Kindness :

You should be kind to each other and always be there for each other . kindness comes automatically if you respect that person and it is required if you want to run a relationship in a long run.

Healthy Communication :

If the relationship is sinking and you both fight daily on stupid issues then plan to meet and talk to each other over coffee and build a healthy atmosphere and hold a good conversation.

But what is still missing in a relationship to avoid breakup ?

If you want the relationship to be healthy and strong then stick to this article.

Go to the parties together and still be your own.

You must be spending all the time together and hopefully it’s amazing for you both. But , it is always healthy to detach yourself from your partner even though you are in the same room .

Some people get worried if the partner goes to the washroom in a party and wonder if they are okay inside. It’s more sexy and cool if you will let your partner be on their own sometimes and let them laugh and talk to other people too because this will make your bond more healthy and strong.

Complaining and Complaining ….

It’s fun to complain and watch your partner taking efforts to sort everything for you. Initially . it’s all fun and sweet but what if it stays the same ? Your partner will feel shit about themselves and worry more if they are right for you or not.

Complaints are like masturbating , it feels good for a while but it becomes nasty when you overdo it.

When it’s a serious problem like a death of a member in a family or a financial loss , then it’s important for your partner to be with you no matter what.

But day to day normal problems like a busy day at work can be irritating if you keep on fighting and complaining about it.

Partners are their to support but most of the time they are their to spread positivity so that you both feel happy to have each other and forget about normal daily problems.

Book a movie ticket and drive her home

Stop booking rooms to chill and have a good time. Ever wonder why old people relationships last long ? Because they used to spend most of their time outside and hold a healthy conversation and get used to each other in a healthy way , Book a movie ticket and surprise your partner and drive them back home with some good music playing inside your ride.

Be curious to know more about your partner

Study your partner , ask them their favourite things and try to implement it for them . Watch their favourite movies , Read their books and cherish the music they like . Do it as a homework because it is worth doing if you really want your relationship to be healthy and strong.

Back Massage

Sex is fun but do you wonder how special and loving a back massage can be for your partner ? Instead of drilling all the time , give your partner a good long back massage session and let them feel every touch of your hands that will make them comfortable and horny too but your partner will be happy to see your care and love for them . And make sure you choose a partner who also keeps a stash of balms and incense in their bedside table haha.

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