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Should I Be In A Hookup Or A Relationship?

Anonymous Girl

Anonymous Girl

As a person who has experienced both the sides of millennial romance, I feel that when it comes to the pros and cons both a relationship and a hookup, the pros in relationships definitely supersedes the ones related to hookups.

In order to give a deeper perspective about hookups or relationships, I would like to share a story about a man who helped me redefine romanticism in my eyes.

As any other millennial, I was too indulged in the hookup world, and so was he. Meaningless intimacy and temporary attachment was something both of us were used to before we met each other.

I was sure that love is something I would never be capable to give to someone other than my family but his arrival in my life tossed around all my beliefs and made me feel a way I had never ever experienced.

It’s a feeling you get when you read the fault in our stars for the first time or when you hear little things from One Direction and get tingles all up in your body and no one should be deprived of that feeling.

Instead of talking down hookups, I would like to share why a relationship works for me in hopes to help you find a right fit.


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A relationship can best be defined as what it is, a relationship.

It can sound confusing but a relationship is a mutual and voluntary agreement between two individuals not obliged to stay together but still choosing to stay every second of their day with each other.

It’s beautiful how you’re so fond of someone that you make them your human diary. There is this rawness, this innocence between you two that no words can explain and it isn’t available anywhere else in the world.



Many would argue the fact that the whole concept of hooking up is based upon physical intimacy but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

There is an intimacy stronger and much more beautiful than the physical closeness of two people.

When a couple decides to strip themselves emotionally in front of each other, that is when the real intimacy begins which is not something that can be done in a casual relationship as the level of bond needed is much more stronger than a bond between two individuals meeting on a dating app the day before. It requires effort which no one participating in hookups is willing to do.


You can be as strong as Beyoncé and still need emotional support from someone. Be it a family member or a partner, support is something everyone needs.

It’s the human nature to seek for approval and have a plan B. No matter what you do, where you go, you need someone to come back home to and unleash all the wear and tear of your day.

Being in a relationship means having a support like no other. Both of you could have had the roughest day possible but just one phone call in the end could fix 90% of your stress.

It is clinically proven that talking to a loved one helps an individual curb stress and anxiety.

These are just a few plus points of a relationship over hookups and there can be endless arguments over this topic. In the end of the day, everyone is seeking love, even the ones claiming to be heartless will give their heart to someone one day.

This is how the world works, without love we would just be a bunch of flesh robots putting our genitals into each other.

The whole human existence depends on the power of emotion and love is the strongest emotion to exist. Stop lying to yourself, stop shutting the doors and windows and let love and positivity enter your life. Cheers!

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