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9 Reasons why a guy won’t hookup with you



Imagine you like that guy a’lot but he refuses to hookup with you ! Can a guy do that ? Yes he can . This blog post will tell you the real reasons why he will not hookup with you . Hookup is the new bond in our generation where two people meet to have a good time without any commitments. But It doesn’t mean hookups can happen easily . There can be times where your partner comes to see you and runs away . This article will give you all those reasons why a guy will refuse to hookup with you !! These were the reasons given to me by different guys.

#1  She should split the bill 

This guy said that he builds up the conversation with a girl and make different plans to meet for example watching a movie , going out for dinner ,etc  .

  • This guy will make only such plans where payment can be done online .
  •  In his recent case , he matched with a girl on tinder , started talking a’lot and made plans for movie where he pitched to book a movie ticket , as there was no response from the other side for the payment , this guy lost interest in her and started ignoring her .
  • It’s a turn off for some guys when girls don’t even initiate for making the payment .
  •  Guys don’t want the girls to pay full , they want to split or they just want there girl to talk about making a payment. It’s more than enough for such guys to show interest in you .

#2  She should be easy 


  • This guy says that there should be equal response from both the sides .
  • The girl should not show any attitude since the beginning if she wants to hookup as well.
  • Basically , guys gets relationship vibes whenever the girl starts acting weird , rude or arrogant. They want the girl to stay naughty the moment conversation starts and such guys want there girls to talk dirty whenever they are texting each other  .
  • It’s a turn off for the guys who don’t like to invest there time much on relationship and that is why they want things to be easy otherwise they will start losing interest if you will take time to jump on to conclusions.

#3 She Should Not be Ugly

  • This is the only guy who don’t care about anything in the world.
  • He just wants his partner to be pretty.
This guy said :
I want to flaunt my hookup buddy in front of my friends , so I don’t care about other things. She should be pretty so that my friends don’t make fun of me.

#4  She should be allowed for Night Out 

  • This guy will lose interest in you the moment you say “Abba nai manenge ” .
  • This guy stays busy all weekdays and he only get time on weekends.
  •  If you ask him for a day out on weekend he will completely refuse and will start losing interest as well.
  •  This guy lives for weekends where he gets to sleep all day and party all night.

#5  When the girl is crazy about sex


  • This guy says that he is always worried about his performance and dick size , If such guys finds a girl online who is crazy about sex and dick pictures then he will not show interest in you.
  • This happens because this guy is not confident enough about his dick size and performance .
  • This guy will always go for girls who pretend to be scared of sex but later it happens easily haha . This is a trick to make such guys comfortable !!

#6  When She says ” No Oral Sex “

  • This guy said that if a girl refuses to go down on her or if she refuses to go down on him then he starts losing interest in her.
  • Such guys will hold the good conversation and have sex chat where they will take out all the details about you going down or not .

#7 If she don’t smoke up or drink

  • This guy will lose interest in you if you don’t smoke up weed or hash . He will proactively ask whether you drink or not  .
  • If you refuse to drink as well then he will never meet you.

#8 When there is no Emotional Bond

  • This guy said that he is totally in for hookup but he still needs some spark and emotional bond otherwise he won’t get erection.
  • He wants little feelings before he gets laid with the other person .
  •  If he don’t find that emotional connection with you then he won’t meet you.

#9 Multiple dates are a Big No

  • On behalf of all the guys, this goes for everyone . No guy wants to go for multiple dates outside if he just wants to hookup with you.
  • The moment you ask him to meet for a movie for the second date , he will vanish . It’s not his fault , he is not looking for a relationship .
  • But girls , if you are looking for a relationship , then do take him out on multiple dates , if he agrees to all the dates then he is the right one because good things takes time.

Only 9 reasons have been discovered yet . If you guys have any other reason in mind then DM us on Instagram  @Mymansecret  . I will post it on my story and blog post as well . ( Anonymously for sure ) . cheers!!

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