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Why your man is turning materialistc | Gold Digger Tinder Prank



Hi girlfriends and boyfriends , welcome to my blog again . You will know all your partner secrets here. You will find answer to the questions you can never ask your partner. People are turning materialistic  and gold diggers are just one of the reasons why guys wants to get rich in few days.

  • I matched with a girl on tinder 1 year ago , she was a model and only 19 years  old . she was very hot so I could not stop myself from texting her first . I felt husband zoned on tinder for the first time because the girl was more curious to know about my family and their income .
  • Surprisingly she asked me to take her for a drive in hot yellow mustang because I had a picture with it. I asked her to come nearby hauz khas metro station . There is a ridiculous irony because she was using the metro to ride mustang . I asked my friend puneet to join me because this was going to be exciting.
  • We took scorpio car, parked it nearby hauz khas metro and called her up stating that we are on the way. The moment she gets to know that mustang is on it’s way she pulled out her mirror and started doing little makeover.  We were observing everything secretly .

Have a look at the video where she is busy talking to me and wondering where is the car. My friend recorded this for me.

[wpvideo bK7pVU7G]

  • You must be thinking that the girl is not at fault because she just wanted to go for a ride.
  • I called her up and said “we will be going for a drive in my scorpio”.
  • she started abusing and said “I was not here for you , I wanted to be in that mustang” and she disconnected the call.
  • This could have hit me hard. But I took it in a very funny way .Believe it or not most of the guys are going crazy to have their attention and getting indulged in the black market to earn more money fast. Earlier, there was true love where people used to walk for so long to reach the retaurant but gold diggers are another distraction in a guys life .

This blog wants to convey you the message that go slow , success comes with great hard work. Don’t run for money to get attention from such kind of girls. There are many nice girls who will love and build with you . Never get distracted from your career. Spend time with your family and close friends . Meeting random people will increase the feeling of competition and make you sad if you cannot match their level. 

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