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13 Reasons why girls won’t hookup with you !



I asked different girls about that one particular reason that why you will never hookup . Everyone was so curious to answer this because they seems to be really unhappy with such type of guys .
Every girl has different opinion . Take a look at all those real reasons why a girl won’t hookup with you !

#1  If he stinks or has bad breath !

This girl says that she will never hookup with a guy who brush only once a day . She finds it bit repulsive and might end up gifting you a toothbrush on your birthday !!
She wants the guy to be hygienic . She will never come close to you if you smell bad . Don’t forget to use the best perfume before you meet anyone for hookup!!

#2 Visible Nose hair is a big turn off

 If you are taking care of your beard and hairstyle then don’t forget to get rid of your nose hair as well. It’s a big turn off for a girl if she sees those tiny hair coming out of your nose !!

#3  If you follow Anil Kapoor !!

Imagine you are going for a hookup with a girl wearing your favourite white shirt leaving 2 button open from the top and your curly chest hair is popping out . She will give you the lame excuse and leave happily.

#4  Stop talking Non Sense

She said that it’s a big turn off when guys starts talking about hookups in the begining and ends up talking about relationship goals . Stop talking Non sense , You asked her out for hookup and all of a sudden you want to wife her.

#5  Bad Sense of Humor

Bad sense of Humor and on the other hand terrible sounding laugh on your own jokes is turning her off!

#6  Show OFF!!

You are constantly turning her off if you keep talking about yourself and your khandani paisa ! If you guys want to hookup then stick to it , don’t try to bahu zone her with all your money.

#7  Mummy ko bolo complan pilaye ! Short Height is a turn off !!

Girls understand that height is not in your hands , she will be happy to be around you but she won’t let you slide inside her ! Short height is a big turn off for most of the girls!

#8  She needs the D not your moon and stars!

This girl says that she hates guys who starts the conversation with cheesy lines about moon and stars. She is here to hookup with you , don’t be such a gentlemen at this time . It kills the vibe and makes everything weird!!

#9 She hates Poor Grammar!

Girls can get turned off with poor grammar as well and I swear if you will use (your) and (you’re) incorrectly then you ain’t getting any BJ!!

#10 Your Pube Like Beard!

Not every guy needs to have beard . Pube like curly Beard is not at all happening . Move on guys , this is turning her off again.

#11 Your Dress Sense !!

This girl said that she goes through all the pictures of a guy before hooking up with him and notice his clothes and shoes as well. shabby and ill-fitting clothes can disgust her . Again, this is basic stuff, but it comes up so often. Guys: wash your clothes! Buy some that fit! Rinse and repeat!

#12  Not only humping , Treadmill is important too!

Smoking and drinking all the time and braging about it is turning her off again . She will appreciate you more if you keep everything balanced and take care of your health as well.

#13 So many ‘ I got laid stories ‘ !

Don’t brag so much about your past  , She can easily get guys like you  ! You should learn to keep secrets , she will find it really immature  if you will flaunt too much about your past sex stories . She would love to know about your style but she don’t want to know how other girls felt hooking up with you!!

We could discover only 13 reasons yet . If you have more reasons on your mind DM us on Instagram @mymansecret . We will post it on our story and blog as well .

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3 years ago

Great! … All are good reasons

3 years ago

Legit reasons AF . Keep up the good work man. Looking forward for thr next post.

3 years ago

Thank you for reading it !! ❤️

3 years ago

Thanks bhai we are in this together ❤️

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