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Facts About Narendra Modi that makes him best match On Tinder.



This post have real facts with jokes as well and there is no intention to hurt anybodys feelings . Imagine Narendra Modi signs up on tinder before elections ,he will make hot promises to you and I hope he will complete those promises  because that is what modi is famous for right ?   You will be happy to read the 10 facts why namo is the best match on tinder for you .

#1 Narendra Modi was a tea seller.

If you are a chai lover ,this tinder match is for you!! He was a tea seller and he will serve you the best tea whenever you are in a Bad trip . You will never require any medicine for heart attack or headache , tea will be your best cure. Narendra Modi will always have your back .

#2 No Need of OYO rooms !! Narendra Modi stays alone.

Narendra Modi do not even stays with his mother, He stays alone in Panchavati which is the official name of the PM’s residence complex. Imagine Netflix and chill all night with full security . You will be safe at his place and you will not be required to check out at 11 AM like Oyo rooms .

#3 Narendra Modi is Hygienic AF!!

Narendra Modi is so hygienic that not only he keeps his house clean, he  also launched swachh bharat abhiyan on 2 October 2014 on Gandhi Jayanti to clean his sorroudings as well. This dude is a full power package on tinder.

#4 He is not a FuckBoi

I doubt if he is a fuckboi or not because Narendra Modi was engaged to a local girl, Jashodaben, while he was still a child but media will always have your back because he is on news 24/7 so there is no chance for him to cheat on you. But that does not mean you can cheat on him , Narendra modi hate cheating and he is very famous for taking good revenge as well like surgical strike! Don’t give him a chance to plan a surgical strike against you.

#5 Narendra Modi Lifestyle is next level

Narendra modi will take you places you have never been before. He is a traveller and seems like he joined BJP to full fill his travelling dreams. No wonder after your match on tinder with him , you can be his partner in travelling.You can easily flaunt your tinder match because he wears the best suit.Narendra modi dress price estimated cost is close to 10 lakhs!

#6 He will give you hot display pictures. 

It’s a lesser known fact that narendra modi is fond of clicking photographs. He can easily own the best DSLR and help you with hot profile pictures. He even writes poems in gujrati as well .

#7 Narendra Modi will reply you on time!

It’s a fact that narendra modi is India’s most techno savy leader. He remains active on social media apps and he will be one of those cute guys who will wake you up with his morning text and calls .

#8 100 percent villain

Narendra modi can be 100 percent villain if anyone touches his girl .Being in delhi since a long time ,he has grasped delhi guy traits very well.  He can easily arrange thousands of guys to fight for you .

#9 Testosterone levels is not an issue.

Exercise boost your testosterone levels and Namo takes care of it really well. He is the only leader who aims to rebrand and promote yoga in India. He wishes that downward-facing dog pose will be as popular in their homeland as they are around the world. Namo love fitness as well and this is turning on many people.

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