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Do this to turn her on

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma

It’s not about sex positions , It’s not about foreplay . You don’t have to find her G-spot in order to turn her on . You also do not require a vibrator , Clitoral stimulation and an oral sex to give her an orgasm.

In order to turn her on…..

There are many things that can make her feel like she needs you . I’m sure you are still guessing what is that one thing that can make her go crazy for you?

Do not think her as an object and try to think out of the box . Sex is important ! But have you tried building an emotional connection with her ? Trust me ! This will turn her on . Building Emotional Bond will make her feel comfortable and it builds trust.

Ignore this article if you are just looking to fuck her and leave.

If you want to turn her on , Stop taking her to the room and go out for a date.

Make plans for the date from A-Z because..

She will feel like you are really interested in her . Give your time and attention and make the best memories with your partner .

Wear a Slim fit formal Suit to turn her on

Stop sexting and talking about fucking all day. Turn her on with your best outfit and formals will always make you look good in her eyes !!

Hug her tight …

She will feel secured and protective if you will hug her tight and this is the best thing you can do to to make her feel special .she will stay dedicated and attracted to you in a healthy way.

Physical relationship is not the only thing that you require to turn her on.

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