Things That Makes You an Unhygienic Stoner!

Hey, stoners/Baaabaaaa! we are talking about you here.

Here are the few things that we have all heard about Big time Stoners:

  1. Stoners are very chilled out.
  2. They won’t pick a fight.
  3. Even if their friends are involved in a fight, they might watch it with their little eyes open and keep on wondering why are they so loud!
  4. They are probably high or smoking up right now and reading this article with some good ass music in the background.

But In this article, we will be sharing short research and facts about stoners that you won’t probably give a fuck about but a lot of people feel this way around you.

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Do You think that STONERS are Hygenic?
Do You think that STONERS are Hygenic?
Do You think that STONERS are Hygenic?

Hygenic Stoners do exist but they are rare. In this article, we will list out few points that will help you recognise an unhygienic Stoner.

1. Stuff and Nails

Big time STONERS are the sweetest when you compare them to a newbie who just started smoking up because they won’t mind crushing stuff for you.

Their stuff might get stuck inside their nails but they will pull it out, mix it with the stuff and roll a good ass joint for you.

You enjoy watching that rolled joint so much that you end up having a great smoke up session.

2. Delayed Shower But It’s the only way out!

They will skip taking bath for a long time because STONERS are probably laying down on their couch all day staying high and satisfying their munchies!

The only motivation to take bath is to smoke up that rolled joint during Shower or Some STONERS might enjoy their Joint more post Shower.

3. Not Accepting The Side Effects

Every STONER will tell you that smoking up is better than smoking Cigarettes. But, Deep inside they all know that Smoking is harmful either way.

“There is no side effect!” my stoner friend said to me while smoking up a blunt. I looked at him and agreed with what he was saying because Stoners don’t even remember what happened the other day.

They sometimes mix yesterday’s event with some other day and gets confused to figure out exactly when this thing happened with them.

Marijuana Affects your Memory but STONERS won’t agree because they probably do not remember anything to give a fuck about!

4. What’s Clean?

They may forget to keep their surroundings clean but their Ashtray, Rolling Paper, Stuff and Crusher will be remain up to the mark!

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Indian girls and their Sexual chat preferences!

Wondering How To Have A Sexual Chat With an Indian Girl?

Download Free How To Text Any Girl on Instagram Guide by Dating Kitab.

Figuring out her Sexual chat preference helps you to understand her fantasy! It can also give you an idea about what kind of sex your Partner prefers!

Many people have done sex chat once in their life but not everyone enjoys doing it because they don’t connect with what their partner wants to communicate and that is why sexting fails!

In this article, we will unleash all the different type of sex chat that Indian girls prefer.

It is totally fine to ask your partner about their sexual chat preferences. Once you both start communicating about your sexual needs, things will be different and good for you!

In this article, you will learn:

What kind of sex chat do Indian girls like?

There are 7 types of sexual chats:

1. RolePlay Sexual chat!

In this sexual chat, she would want you to be her teacher, a doctor or maybe a random room service guy.

It turns her on because it gives her a feeling that she is getting sexual with a stranger. It is usually loved by those Indian girls who loves to be treated roughly in bed.

2. Romantic Sexual chat!

This is a sweet sex chat where she wants to be loved slowly and then get rough later in the text. She wants you to talk about how you will come close to her and wrap her in your arms and then undress her slowly in text.

This type of sex chat demands a feel where she actually wants to be touched by you and this type of Indian girl would start a sex chat with you if she really trust you and feels comfortable around you.

3. Hindi Sexual chat!

This is the fantasy loved by so many girls but not everyone accepts it honestly because it’s Hot and Gross at the same time!

Every guy would want to have a hindi sex chat with their partner once in their life but its hard to find girls who would prefer this type of Sexual chat or even if she prefers Hindi sexual chat, she might not communicate about it ever.

she would enjoy this sexual chat if you will use every sexual term in hindi without getting shy Otherwise, She will get turned off and feel bad about herself for accepting her fantasy.

4. Location Sex chat!

This type of Indian girls loves it when you mention different places where you would love to drill her. It could be the shopping mall washroom, a quickie in a car or the corner of the sofa.

But mentioning the location and making her feel like she’s present there will turn her on so much!

5. Threesome Sexual chat!

This type of girl would want to talk about a situation where you both get caught by someone else watching you having sex and that person wants to join in.

This type of sexual chat will involve you and that random person. This doesn’t means that she wants to have threesome for sure but she likes to imagine it in her mind.

6. Stoners sexual chat!

This type of girl is a big-time stoner and she would want you to talk about the good stuff you smoke or Snort.

She has never done sex without getting high and she would want you to Start texting her with a situation where you guys are doing toxic substances like marjuana and then getting sexual on text.

This would want her to meet you and chill with you.

7. Snapchat Me!

She likes to exchange pictures whenever you get sexual virtually. She might even ask you to striptease for her on snapchat.

She might come and meet you for real if she is sure about how you look and how clean you keep your body because all this while she was checking out how hygienic you stay in real life. We are talking about the body hair, haircut and how well you keep your private body parts clean.


This week’s top story: Why Tinder is of no use for casual sex or true love?

You are here because you are surprised why dating apps could be a waste of time for casual sex!

Are you pretty or handsome?

Then Tinder works only for you.

In the real world, it’s easy for some people to get one night stands and they are the same people who get more number of hookups on dating apps. The number just increases with the help of dating apps. We don’t mean that one night stands are increasing due to dating apps but

The study found that about 20% of users had one-night stands after using Tinder but ‘the vast majority of them had only experienced this once’.

Dating Apps Discourage Commitment – There’s Always a Backup Option.

Ladies take time to select potential matches because they are looking for a relationship.

But for many guys, it’s like a pair of demented windscreen wipers, hoping someone, anyone, will take them to bed.

Bendixen continued: ”There’s a connection between a high interest in short-term sex encounters and less chance of meeting someone interested in a long-term relationship through the use of the dating app.”

If you believe in vibes and prefer low-pressure meeting on weekends or after work break or maybe when you are looking for something serious then Let’s Go Out dating process is the right platform for you. They set you up with your type.

If you believe that connection happens face-to-face or you just need to go out and meet someone new and see if you vibe or not then All you have to do is fill up their form and they will get in touch with you in almost no time. Take them as your dating caretaker. As a result, they will find out your match and will arrange everything for you including the time and place. They offer three types of meeting platform-

  1. Just Coffee
  2. it’s just lunch or,
  3. It could be evening drinks break.

But so many benefits should not be free otherwise people don’t value it much! You just need to buy each other’s time and make an equal contribution for your date that is hardly 1000-2000Rs in which you will be offered snacks and beverages! Easy right? Fill your form Now!

The benefit of Let’s Go Out dating process!

  1. No need to answer the same repeated questions as you do on dating apps. and guess what? There is actually no searching! Spend time meeting, not searching.
  2. This dating process saves a lot of time and energy because it connects with your type!
  3. Tired of hookup culture or room booking plans? Let’s go out is the only dating process where you just go out and see if you can vibe with that person or not and it could be the best date of your life.
  4. It’s interesting. You just get to know their first name and rest everything will be taken care of by the matchmaking team.

Tired swiping and ending up with short-term relationship or hookup culture? Sign up for let’s go out dating process and start going out on pre-planned meetings without any stress. Their team provides you with the best and safer experience.

It’s just going out and see if you can vibe or not and it could be the best date of your life!

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Let’s Go Out Dating Process


“sorry, no short men” dating app bio not acceptable anymore.

You have all seen women writing “sorry, no short men” on their tinder bio or any other dating app. This dating blog keeps you connected with today’s dating game.

Seems like it is socially acceptable for women to upload “sorry, no short men” on their tinder bio.

Before writing about this topic, I asked many girls about this bio and they were fine with the statement used here. Almost everyone agreed to this bio happily stating that it’s our personal choice.

Famous actress Deepika Padukone “my choice” is still used by many people in a bad way.

No matter how honest and blunt you are, using such bios are rude and should not be acceptable on dating app. It is body shamming too.

If this is socially acceptable for a women to put “sorry, no short men” on tinder bio then it should be socially acceptable for men to say ” sorry, no overweight women or no flat-chested women”.

Body shamming is not gender based. Dating bio should be strictly about yourself.

We understand that you may like guys taller than you. It’s totally cool to be attracted to someone you like. Maybe, you want to warn a guy before so that you guys don’t invest any time on each other. It’s nothing wrong if you are attracted to specific type of people.

However, if a man fills this gap “sorry , no _______ women required ”

They would get accused of body shamming and everyone would lose their mind.

This is double standard and it’s clear bullshit. This article request all dating app to strictly tell people that dating bio should be more about describing yourself.

What are you views about this dating bio? Do you think it is fine to use your dating bio as a filter to avoid short guys? Comment below and get connected to us on Instagram directly.


How to get more matches on tinder? Tips and Tricks

Get a call back if you need dating tips , hookup tips or fitness tips.

I got more than 100 matches in a single day with this trick. Maybe it was a technical glitch or maybe not. In this article, You will find the tips and tricks to get more matches on tinder organically and inorganically.

No matches on tinder? This could be the reason.

Tinder follows an algorithm and named it as an ELO score.

The tinder profiles are like a pack of cards and your profile is one card with so many other guys.

The App developers apply several conditional coding statements in order to bring your profile on top. But those conditions become true depending upon how you use your tinder app.

If you will swipe right on every girl to get more matches on tinder then your Elo score will reduce and it will push your profile very far and It won’t show your profile card to the girls. This is the worst case because girls do not swipe right blindly like guys and you will be left with an empty dating profile.

Elo score reduces if you swipe right inactive accounts too.

How to increase an Elo score and get more matches on dating apps?

  1. Stop swiping right blindly.
  2. Update your bio in 48 hours.
  3. Add/Remove the same picture again in 48 hours.
  4. Swipe right especially those girls who have written a tinder bio.

By following above-mentioned tips, your profile will be pushed forward and it will be visible to the girls around you who are very active on tinder.

How Does Tinder Work?

Tinder hacks and get unlimited matches in a day? I tried this and it worked !!

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I got more than 100 matches in 24 hours and there were 46 more to swipe right using this trick and I’m glad it worked because I was working as a software engineer before and I know how these conditional statements work.

To start your ELO score fresh and use this trick at the same time. You need to delete your Tinder account.

You must be wondering why am I asking you to delete your dating account?

Here’s a twist…

Visual way to delete your tinder account with a twist:

a) Click on the delete account.

b) Click on ‘Delete my Account’.

c) Click on ‘other’ ..

After clicking on ‘Other’ you will get a new page with more reasons to give before deleting your Tinder account.

Make sure you select ” Not getting any matches”.

once you do that, Create your tinder account with the same digits again and follow the above steps and your profile will be visible to every girl who is active on tinder. With this trick, I achieved 85 matches in a day.

Additional tips to get more matches on tinder?

This is how you set your Tinder profile :

  1. Stop posting selfies. You can use one selfie but make sure all pictures are clicked by your friend because it increases your chances to get more matches.
  2. Update your bio daily and add a good long bio.
  3. Add/Remove pic whenever you get time.
  4. Go to settings and make your account visible to both Men and Women because it removes all the conditions on your profile and pushes your profile on top.
  5. Connect your Spotify and Instagram accounts too.
  6. Try to swipe right only active accounts and avoid girls with no bio on it.
  7. Girls want you to send them a shirtless picture in private. Avoid posting the shirtless picture on your dating profile. They don’t like it much.

If you still have any questions. Post them below. I will reply in 1-2 hours.


Does love exist ?

Get a call back if you need dating tips , hookup tips or fitness tips.

This is a blog writing on behalf of all the people who once fell in love and did everything for their partner but it did not reciprocate accordingly.

IF you are one of them then this article is for you and I’m sure just like me, even you are wondering, Does true love exist?

Do you still believe in love?

I do not want relationships. I’m not ready for a full-blown relationship anymore.

I tried starting it all over again with someone else who pretended to be exactly like you. But it ended up the same way leaving me damaged and heartbroken.

Dating sites in India or in any other country is a place full of heartbroken people trying to fix themselves by doing hookups.

This whole game of love scares me now. I’m scared of people and today’s culture. The wife is cheating on her husband or vice versa. Students who should focus on their maths are busy counting the number of matches they are getting on dating apps.

We all are getting so broad-minded but we are not using it right.

“I wonder when will this game end? “

Sex is so easy and love is so hard to find. Where are we heading?

Trust me, I’m fond of love because at the end of the day I crave for someone genuine to talk to me and ask me about my day, I never felt like having a sex chat after a stressful day. But still, why is it so difficult to understand that loyalty should not be hard to find.

It should be the first thing before giving commitment to anybody.

STOP giving up easily, sit and talk like your parents. Giving up, cheating and blocking are not making you look cool. It is setting you up for karma. No matter how cool you are on Instagram but the guy who is not at all cool and dating a girl from school, who are not even on any social app are more happy and stable than you.

You see what is wrong?

Dating randomly from dating apps or from any other social app is kinda wrong.

  1. Take time to know people.
  2. Getting sexual on the first date is bad. Do not even try to support this thing or act cool about it.
  3. Know each other, get connected to each other and then do it.
  4. It is always better to be difficult than being easy.
  5. Guys or girls will end up judging you and these judgments make you believe that they will not get serious and might do it with someone else too so they start dating each other casually.

Fuck these new terms like hookups, casual dating and whatever makes you look cool. It has spoiled today’s love culture.

Those days were better without technology when it was hard to discover people from far off places and there were fewer options available which mean fewer temptations. Without Technology, people used to actually take efforts to see their partner.

Always Fall in love if you really want to fall. Or else, stop giving fake hopes because I’m really tired of starting it all over again. ‬


Facts About Narendra Modi that makes him best match On Tinder.

This post have real facts with jokes as well and there is no intention to hurt anybodys feelings . Imagine Narendra Modi signs up on tinder before elections ,he will make hot promises to you and I hope he will complete those promises  because that is what modi is famous for right ?   You will be happy to read the 10 facts why namo is the best match on tinder for you .

#1 Narendra Modi was a tea seller.

If you are a chai lover ,this tinder match is for you!! He was a tea seller and he will serve you the best tea whenever you are in a Bad trip . You will never require any medicine for heart attack or headache , tea will be your best cure. Narendra Modi will always have your back .

#2 No Need of OYO rooms !! Narendra Modi stays alone.

Narendra Modi do not even stays with his mother, He stays alone in Panchavati which is the official name of the PM’s residence complex. Imagine Netflix and chill all night with full security . You will be safe at his place and you will not be required to check out at 11 AM like Oyo rooms .

#3 Narendra Modi is Hygienic AF!!

Narendra Modi is so hygienic that not only he keeps his house clean, he  also launched swachh bharat abhiyan on 2 October 2014 on Gandhi Jayanti to clean his sorroudings as well. This dude is a full power package on tinder.

#4 He is not a FuckBoi

I doubt if he is a fuckboi or not because Narendra Modi was engaged to a local girl, Jashodaben, while he was still a child but media will always have your back because he is on news 24/7 so there is no chance for him to cheat on you. But that does not mean you can cheat on him , Narendra modi hate cheating and he is very famous for taking good revenge as well like surgical strike! Don’t give him a chance to plan a surgical strike against you.

#5 Narendra Modi Lifestyle is next level

Narendra modi will take you places you have never been before. He is a traveller and seems like he joined BJP to full fill his travelling dreams. No wonder after your match on tinder with him , you can be his partner in travelling.You can easily flaunt your tinder match because he wears the best suit.Narendra modi dress price estimated cost is close to 10 lakhs!

#6 He will give you hot display pictures. 

It’s a lesser known fact that narendra modi is fond of clicking photographs. He can easily own the best DSLR and help you with hot profile pictures. He even writes poems in gujrati as well .

#7 Narendra Modi will reply you on time!

It’s a fact that narendra modi is India’s most techno savy leader. He remains active on social media apps and he will be one of those cute guys who will wake you up with his morning text and calls .

#8 100 percent villain

Narendra modi can be 100 percent villain if anyone touches his girl .Being in delhi since a long time ,he has grasped delhi guy traits very well.  He can easily arrange thousands of guys to fight for you .

#9 Testosterone levels is not an issue.

Exercise boost your testosterone levels and Namo takes care of it really well. He is the only leader who aims to rebrand and promote yoga in India. He wishes that downward-facing dog pose will be as popular in their homeland as they are around the world. Namo love fitness as well and this is turning on many people.


Why your man is turning materialistc | Gold Digger Tinder Prank

Hi girlfriends and boyfriends , welcome to my blog again . You will know all your partner secrets here. You will find answer to the questions you can never ask your partner. People are turning materialistic  and gold diggers are just one of the reasons why guys wants to get rich in few days.

  • I matched with a girl on tinder 1 year ago , she was a model and only 19 years  old . she was very hot so I could not stop myself from texting her first . I felt husband zoned on tinder for the first time because the girl was more curious to know about my family and their income .
  • Surprisingly she asked me to take her for a drive in hot yellow mustang because I had a picture with it. I asked her to come nearby hauz khas metro station . There is a ridiculous irony because she was using the metro to ride mustang . I asked my friend puneet to join me because this was going to be exciting.
  • We took scorpio car, parked it nearby hauz khas metro and called her up stating that we are on the way. The moment she gets to know that mustang is on it’s way she pulled out her mirror and started doing little makeover.  We were observing everything secretly .

Have a look at the video where she is busy talking to me and wondering where is the car. My friend recorded this for me.

[wpvideo bK7pVU7G]

  • You must be thinking that the girl is not at fault because she just wanted to go for a ride.
  • I called her up and said “we will be going for a drive in my scorpio”.
  • she started abusing and said “I was not here for you , I wanted to be in that mustang” and she disconnected the call.
  • This could have hit me hard. But I took it in a very funny way .Believe it or not most of the guys are going crazy to have their attention and getting indulged in the black market to earn more money fast. Earlier, there was true love where people used to walk for so long to reach the retaurant but gold diggers are another distraction in a guys life .

This blog wants to convey you the message that go slow , success comes with great hard work. Don’t run for money to get attention from such kind of girls. There are many nice girls who will love and build with you . Never get distracted from your career. Spend time with your family and close friends . Meeting random people will increase the feeling of competition and make you sad if you cannot match their level. 


HeartBreak Makes Bodybuilders

During my school days , I was the most bullied person . the reason why I was the most bullied guy was because I used to body shame myself. I don’t use to feel confident about my body because I was carrying a’lot of chest fat a.k.a Moobies / Man Boobs……

  • When I was in 11th standard , I used to tie a cloth around my chest to compress it in order to reduce it appearance but that did not help as I was caught wearing it because of fucking white shirts on Wednesday and my cloth was pink in colour haha .
  • I was given a’lot of names because of it .
  • I took a week off from school because of it , now I was super embarrassed about it .
  • Everybody in the school got to know about my pink cloth and even girls knew about it .
  • Now , the bully was all around . I became a joke for all the students which was pretty normal because of the funniest shit I did  in order to hide my fat .
  • I was coward and scared to face the outside world.
  • Later , this incident was spread in the tuition centre too and people used to touch my back in order to find the knot around my body .
  • I was depressed and used to have sleeping pills in order to sleep well.
  • My mom suffered because of me . But then one fine day, I discovered this heavenly thing ” Gym ” .
  • I started working out . Did a’lot of cardio , bench press , Jumping jacks , Applied a’lot of thing around my chest , drank gallons of water .
  • Finally , I lost a’lot of weight , people started to believe that I don’t have chest fat anymore , but instead of appreciating , they started running fingers around my chest to check weather fat was still there or not ?!
  • And yes ,I was caught again , I was left with lose skin and thing got worst , now it was not a hard fat anymore , It was soft and squishy and things got out of hands now.
  • My training was bad , I lost weight very quickly.
  • Somehow I did my schooling and got committed after that , It was the most beautiful feeling in the world as it was my first relationship.
  • I was so much in love but then She also felt my chest was saggy and she started making fun of it.
  • Now , it did hurt my male ego and I was depressed and stressed at the same time .
  • We broke up maybe because of my body issues. thankfully , I was having good arms , back and legs only issue was my lose skin.
  • After a’lot of efforts I got my liposuction done and I was blessed with a new life.
  • Chest fat did not go completely but it was not saggy anymore .
  • I was feeling normal and happy. I started working out more and got shredded as fuckkk !!
  • This is just a glimpse of my journey. I feel like I have invested most of the time in training my body and got to know about all the bad training technique too .
  • I have applied every possible thing on me while bulking or cutting .
  • I Want to help other people too with the help of this blog and my YouTube videos.

For those who are suffering from the same issue ,
having any kind of depression or transformation story.
DM me on my Instagram : @vikrammsharmaa