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True Long Distance Relationship Story. Works With 10+ Tips!

Long Distance Relationship is bothering you?

long distance relationship

A long distance relationship starts when your partner decides to choose their career over love.

This thought about them choosing their career first can make you feel alone in the process. That is why a lot of long distance relationship fails.

Why People Break Up Before even Long Distance Relationship Starts?

It could be due to the following reasons:

  1. You can’t handle the distance.
  2. You do not trust your partner from far away.
  3. You were never ready for it.
  4. You are emotionally weak to handle a distance.
  5. You do not want to wait for someone while they decide to focus on themselves.
  6. You do not want to move out with them in the future.
  7. You do not love them.

Yes, People do fall apart even before Long distance relationship starts.

We Share True Instances:
long distance relationship

She broke the news to me about her future plans when I was in a relationship for more than 7 months.

It was hard to accept the reality that she will fly away from me forever because she wanted that life more than me.

It’s even harder to accept the change when you are someone who feels strong and happy when you have your partner by your side.

It even sucks when you never wanted this in your life and you just wish to fall back in time to stop yourself from falling in love with this person who you may never see again.

But, it was going to happen and there is no way you could stop it. It’s even worse when you love that person so much and all you can do is just pray and wish the best for them.

Is it Fair To Stop them from going away?

Just like you, I supported my girl and did not even ask her once to stay with me. In your mind, you want them to stay but your heart wants things to happen their way because you can’t see them sad at all.

We were together in India for more than 16 months until she left me and moved to the USA.

A long distance relationship can never be fun for people like me. Maybe, you can relate with me probably that’s why you landed upon my article.

I’m a very emotional person who can break down very easily when I don’t have my loved ones around.

I grew up with a bad past that made me dependent on love so much that is why I stop thinking about myself when it comes to love.

What kind of nature can make long distance relationship hard for you?

long distance relationship

I stop prioritising my goals, my family and my health when I feel like people don’t want me the way I want them.

It’s a turn off for strong people in this generation and I appreciate their way of living. This is the type of attitude you need to survive in today’s generation.

People have just given the term “long distance relationship” to love which diverts us away from the true meaning of it.

There is no term like true love. It’s just ‘Love’ and when you experience Love, there is nothing that can ever make you guys fall apart.

Long distance relationship is just a situation that is just a part of your love. It’s a test where you realise their true worth and it always works if the other person feels the same about you.

Why is distance bothering you?

The fact that they have a new life now and they will experience everything new scares you if they will miss you the way like you do.

The ugly truth is they may not feel the same and that is why you get that question in your mind whether a long distance relationship works or not?

It’s hard for you to focus on yourself the same way you used to do when you had your partner around you because you feel alone in the process and it’s okay to feel that way.

Is it worth having a long distance relationship with them?
long distance relationship

You’re not selfish or wrong here, you just need to communicate how you feel about all this and the person in love on the other side of the world will make you feel better even from far away.

But if they do not understand this simple thing what you’re going through and blame you for not being understanding then it’s not the person you deserve!

Watching you in pain due to distance and fighting about not being understanding shows that this person is just testing your patience.

You yourself know if this relationship would work or not. But, once you figure out the reality I would request you to act accordingly and do not lose yourself in the process of loving someone.

How can you make a long distance relationship work?

A) Stop Expecting ‘too’ much but do not stop Expecting!
long distance relationship

Things do change and you need to accept that. Try not to feel alone in this process and do not start expecting too much from your partner to make you feel better all the time about your thoughts and emotions.

They have new challenges every day and they might get exhausted handling the relationship at the same time. Expecting them to tell you about their day is a fair expectation that every long distance relationship needs.

But, It is unwise to be overly “sticky” and possessive. You two don’t really have to communicate 12 hours a day to keep the relationship going. Many couples think that they need to compensate for the distance by doing more. This is not true. And it might only make things worse. Soon you would get tired of “loving.”

B) It’s Just a Situation!
long distance relationship

“If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” – Anonymous

Instead of thinking that this long distance relationship is pulling you two apart, Consider it as a learning phase for both of you. you should believe that through this experience, the both of you will be bound together even stronger in the future.

C) Communicate What You Feel
long distance relationship

Try to communicate your partner on your life and its happenings, and how do you feel without them.

Communicate in every way, send each other pictures, audio clips and short videos often. By putting in this kind of effort, you make the other person feel loved and attended to.

D) Get Nasty With your partner!
long distance relationship

I get it you are emotional about not having them around you but talking dirty to your partner is much needed.

Sexual tension is undoubtedly one of the most important things between couples. Sex a biological need, it is an emotional one as well.

Keep the spark burning by sending each other teasing texts!

E) Avoid Such Situations.
long distance relationship

If drinking late at night with your group of friends will displease your partner, then you should either Not do it or Tell your partner beforehand so as to reassure him/her.

If you do not reassure them then it’s only going to make your partner extra worried or extra suspicious, and of course, very upset, because you are putting him/her in a position where he/she feels powerless or lacking in control.

F) Plan Things Together
long distance relationship

Today you can be together virtually in many ways. Share the same screen on your laptop using Anydesk and plan to watch a movie together.

Set the same time to have food together on a video call so that you do not feel disconnected from your partner. “Take a walk together” outside while video-calling each other. Go online shopping together and buy each other gifts.

G) Do not OverThink, Try to control!
long distance relationship

You can self sabotage a relationship if you don’t stop overthinking about any kind of situation that does not go according to you.

I understand that some things can be out of control but overthinking stops your ability to analyse a situation and it can lead to bad decisions.

When somethings does not go according to you, try to stay off from social media as it can make you more anxious.

For example, if you are unhappy about something but you failed to communicate. Watching them uploading Reels or stories on Instagram can spoil your mood and force your mind to overthink situations that do not even exist.

H) Do not have any Filters!
long distance relationship

Talk about every feeling. It could be a feeling of fear, insecurity, jealousy, whatsoever. If you start hiding things from your partner, that secret will swallow you up from inside out. Don’t try to fix things all by yourself. Be open and honest with each other. Let your partner help you and give you the support you need.

I) Know what they Usually Do!
long distance relationship

It just makes you feel better when you know where are they busy. Share your schedule with each other because It’s helpful to know when the other person is busy and when he/she is free so that you can drop a text or make a call at the right time. You wouldn’t want to disturb your partner when he/she is in the middle of class or halfway through a business meeting.

J) Gossips!
long distance relationship

Talking about random shit with your partner is fun. It keeps you connected to them and it could be a great stress buster for a long distance relationship. You can Keep each other updated on each other’s friends and family as well.

K) Plan a Visit!
long distance relationship

After a long wait, you finally get to meet each other to fulfil all the little things like kissing, holding hands, etc. which are all common to other couples but so very special and extra intimate for people in long distance relationships.

It will be like fireworks and butterflies everywhere!

One does not make a long distance relationship work without putting efforts into it. You open up your heart to someone who is not even next to you.

It takes a lot of courage and strength to be part of this situation but once you are together in the future, it will all be worth it. Cheers!

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What kind of a guy do women appreciate?

There’s a quick cheat sheet to be the type of guy that every woman would appreciate.

Dating Kitab believes that there are different kind of people in society and everybody has their way of approaching someone. There are girls who might like you or appreciate you but they won’t ever confess.

Here’s a piece of advice, You should not chase someone so much because you might lose your worth. If anybody Is not confessing about their feelings for you or not putting in efforts to appreciate what you do for them, then you should LEAVE!

We don’t want you to go out of the way to get her appreciation because that’s a great loss of energy and it will make you unhappy!

What we are trying to say is that you should first appreciate yourself because constantly impressing a girl can turn her off but if you show that you have your own life and got things to do, it will attract a woman!

The busy guy is a very hot personality in today’s working environment. Showing off your parents money can only work with gold diggers. It can get you a pussy but it won’t help you find a true partner!

  1. So, you need to be real.
  2. YOU need to be a good listener.
  3. You need to try and have a conversation where she gets to speak more about herself because this way she would feel more connected to you. At least, do it in the initial days because women really appreciate it.
  4. Do not be rude to someone if they do not show interest in you. Instead, you should also build your mindset in such a way so that you can exit from rejection with class.

Because , I believe you are a part of a dating kitab family , then you must be a classy guy who will never be affected even if she goes away! 😉

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We will notify you on your E-mail ID where you can read confessions, interesting and funny articles about dating and relationship.

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This type of guy will pretend that he cares for you.

Wondering what kind of a guy pretends to take care of you? You will get a glimpse of how these guys behave in this article!

1. Gives you a missed call in the morning.

You’re probably in a deep sleep every morning. He’ll Drop a short call twice or thrice when you’re asleep along with a small good morning message on your WhatsApp. This way you will wake up with a guilt wondering that you didn’t respond on time and this will probably make you feel like He cares for you so much but it’s YOU who failed to give him the same response.

2. Make Plans and never execute.

He would talk about going out with you, Plan trips with you and probably jerk off talking about the things he would do to your body while on a trip. After he cums, he would probably never plan such things and book another oyo room for the next weekend.

3. Talking about how busy he is

He will probably never text you first and always reply you back after few hours with an excuse or an apology to text you late. He will probably show up like “Oh, I’m so sorry, I just got so busy with family, I missed you so much”. He will probably ghost you again once you agree to talk to him and he jerks off to another sexual conversation between you guys.

4. Won’t talk about your day.

You will keep on asking him about different things but he will never take the details about your day because he’s not interested in you the same way like you are. But he won’t accept it and continue to entertain you in breaks.

These are a few out of so many points that prove that he just pretends to take care of you. If you need daily dating tips, Relationship Advice and Dating stories then subscribe to this blog below.

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Algorithm Cracked: 30+ Matches On Bumble In A Day.

Bumble run on a set of codes. Once you understand that, you crack the bumble algorithm than can help you get a match on Bumble easily!

You must be wondering, How we can get you 30+ matches on Bumble in a day? Our blog won’t claim anything that is not true.

In This Article You’ll learn about:

How To Get A Match On Bumble?

How To Crack Bumble’s Algorithm?

See, We Totally Understand…….

We know it is hard for you guys to believe that you can get 30+ matches on Bumble in a day with this technique! But, guess what? It’s absolutely possible to get a match on Bumble quickly because Just like a regular website or any other application, Bumble also runs on various codes that are also referred to as an algorithm or bumble algorithm.

In order to understand this technique, you need to stick to this article till the last part. Our last part is a result of all the steps mentioned below:

Note: This Technique works 100 per cent if you create a new account. In order to apply this technique to your current account, you will see a certain delay in the process but it will work!


A) Take Advantage Of Bumble’s Spotlight Mode:

Note: Bumble SpotLight mode is active only for 30 minutes. It will help you to get a match on Bumble.

  1. Keep the pictures ready for the Bumble profile and upload them as soon the account starts.
  2. Write the bio immediately and verify the Bumble account.
  3. Note: We need to set up our profile immediately because bumble spotlight tries to display new profile on the top for the girls to see for 30 minutes in the beginning for free!

But, Does Bumble spotlight feature actually helps you to get a match on Bumble?

It will help you to get a few matches on Bumble but your profile will start to die after some time and you may get few or no matches at all on Bumble. But don’t worry, if you are wondering how to get matches on Bumble easily then keep following the steps mentioned below and notice the results immediately!

It does not matter even if the bumble spotlight mode is finished. All the steps will help you to get matches on bumble even though it’s an old Bumble profile or the new. one.

B) Delete Bumble Pictures And Bio also Re-Upload them!

get s match on bumble

Bumble is basically a stack of profiles. In order to get a match on Bumble. You need to push your profile on the top of the stack, you need to wake up your profile! Deleting your bumble pictures, bios and re-uploading it will push your profile on the top and you will have 30 per cent more chances to get a match on Bumble.

Where did the other 70 per cent chance go? You can make it 100 per cent if you follow all the steps correctly!

C) Set Bumble “Interested In” section to Men!

get s match on bumble

Even if it’s not your preferred gender, you should switch your interested section to men for at least 5 minutes to get a match on Bumble. You will notice a lot of right swipes from so many guys that will increase the value of your profile.

In other words, you will have a hot bumble profile!

D) Set Bumble “Interested In” section to Everyone!

get s match on bumble

In order to get more matches on bumble back to back, you need to set your bumble interested in section to Everyone this time.

Once you make your Bumble profile visible to both the genders, your profile will become free from all the codes running behind the application and you will have the maximum attention.


  1. Keep your profile open to both the genders for another 5 minutes.
  2. This will increase the value of your bumble profile very quickly!
What’s Next?

E) Finally Set Bumble “Interested In” section to Women!

get s match on bumble

The wait is over! You have pushed your profile to the top. Every other girl will see your profile, it’s for them to decide if they should swipe you left or right.

But, your profile will not remain dead at all. In order to get the 30+ or more matches on bumble in a day, you need to perform these steps immediately when you create a bumble profile! (Works for all Bumble Profile, time doesn’t matter).

Basic FAQ:

Q1. Does this work only during Bumble spotlight mode?

Answer: It works the best for accounts that will be created for the first time because you get the bumble spotlight for at least 30 minutes in the beginning. If you follow all the steps immediately, you will increase the value of your bumble profile more quickly!

Q2. Does This technique work for accounts that are created a long time back?

Answer: Yes, this works for all kind of bumble profile. All the steps are followed in order to increase the value of the profile. These techniques are used to bring your profile on top no matter how old or new your account is.

Q3. How many times do I need to repeat this process?

Answer: You can repeat it Every time you’re wondering that you are getting no matches at all. It is 100 per cent guaranteed and experienced that once you perform all these steps, your Bumble profile will be on top of every girl’s profile. But, in the end, it’s for them to decide if they wants to swipe you left or right. But, every woman around you will see your profile on top. It won’t be a dead account anymore.

Q4. Do I need to change the interested section of the bumble profile in the same manner?

Yes, you should switch to “Men” first and then select “Everyone” and in the end, you need to switch the interested section to “Women” and get back to back matches every time you swipe right!

All the techniques mentioned above will help you get a match on Bumble really fast.


Now comes the last part, I’m sure you will try all the steps mentioned above in order to get a match on Bumble. But, it still depends on a girl to decide if they would like to swipe you left or right. In order to stand out your bumble profile, you can follow the below-mentioned techniques.

  1. Explore what women are uploading on their profiles. This will help you to set up your profile according to what women are looking for.
  2. For example, Some people women write bios like ” I’m looking for someone who won’t mind having ice cream with me”, “Sapiosexual” , “Guys who love dogs!”.
  3. You can customise your bio accordingly and write bios like ” I’m sapiosexual”, “Looking for someone who would go out with me for ice cream” and “I love dogs”.
  4. This will connect you guys and help you to get a match on Bumble.

You can also have a look at tinder’s algorithm in order to get more matches on tinder easily!

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In This Article, We Mentioned About:

How to get a match on Bumble | How to get more matches on Bumble | Bumble | Bumble Algorithm

Image Credit: Campaign India

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What zodiac signs are the best one to date?

Wondering What Zodiac Signs To Date?

Do you believe in Zodiac Signs Just Like me?

We like to consider so many factors that contribute who we end up
dating, and whether you believe it or not our zodiac sign reveals a
a lot about us when it comes to dating and relationships.
According to astrology, each zodiac sign possesses a set of unique
features and personalities. And we are here to help you decide
what zodiac sign is the best one to date!

Zodiac Sign Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Being the first of the zodiac wheel, Aries always marks the beginning – and this beginning is the most competitive of the bunch. The three signs you are most likely to date are Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius. With your date, you will feel passionate and adventurous also, share an unspoken mutual understanding to a great degree.

Zodiac Sign Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

The Virgo date is extremely cautious and analyzes each step before they decide to take it. The three signs you are most likely to date are Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn. You won’t live ornately but, your love will be deep and special. Together you will share a sense of ambition, dedication and a unique approach to living.

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

The energetic, open-minded Sagittarius is the biggest adventurist amongst all the zodiac signs. The three signs you are most likely to date are Aries, Gemini, and Aquarius. The Sagittarius are extremely optimistic, enthusiastic and extrovert. Travel the world together, party hard- nothing is off-limits. Give this sign space and they’ll make you as happy as they can be.

In This Article We Mentioned About:

People Who Believe In Zodiac Signs | Best Zodiac Signs To Date | Zodiac Sign

Image Credit: Brides


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If you’re about to enter in a long distance relationship. Read this

If you’re about to enter in a long distance relationship then you’re definitely worried and tensed about the new phase of the relationship. I’m in a same boat and it requires courage and a lot of trust to agree for a long distance relationship.

It breaks your heart because your partner will be away from you in some time and you need to understand how to cope up with it. To be very honest, it’s very hard to control your emotions because it makes you feel weak when your other half is planning to go abroad to start a new life. It hurts more in a long distance relationship if you’re the one who’s going to bid them off at the airport.

I understand where you are coming from because even I’m about to enter in a long distance relationship.

I ended up smoking and drinking a lot in order to reduce the pain inside my heart that keeps bothering me everyday after my girlfriend broke the news about her plans. It feels like somebody just stabbed you at the back. I’m sure you’re also damaged and depressed like me because you love your partner so much that the fact about staying away from them scares you a lot.

It may increase your anxiety and you may feel lonely already thinking about them going away from your life anytime soon.

You’re the best person if you landed up on this article because you are affected and hurt. You know it sucks to lose someone and you can’t give up on people easily and you expect the same from your partner.

But due to past experiences, we all need reassurance. Infact, I need confirmation from my partner about never leaving me alone in a long distance relationship a billion times because I care and love that person so much and it’s so hard to think about them going away from your life all of a sudden.

you’re very strong and optimistic if you agreed to continue the second phase of your relationship. It’s hard to be part of such a journey where you constantly feels like hugging and kissing your partner and make love to them at least once or twice in a month.

Long distance relationship will not have these perks. This scares you even more and you end up imagining your partner cheating on you.

It’s all in your head. Such assumptions can push your partner away from you and they may not share anything about their day once they are away from you because you may end up fighting about every thing if you won’t whole heartedly trust and believe your partner.

I totally get it that long distance relationship is hard. You and your partner may get a lot of cravings to be physically close but due to distance it can’t happen anymore.

What do you need to do in such case? You need to run away from distractions and invest your time in achieving your goals because your partner will do the same.

Due to their new phase in life, your partner will need a best friend. Do not bombard them with calls once they go to a new place. Your partner will be facing new challenges everyday already.

Make your partner feel like that you’re not just a lover but also a best friend with whom they can share each and everything. This will reduce their stress and it will bring your partner more close to you even though you are far away from each other.

Stop assuming negative stuff and believe what you agreed on. Do not forget to communicate. Fix a time to call them up everyday, watch movies with them on video call and talk about their new life and support them. I know you’re a bigger person to understand so many things about them when all you’re expecting is just loyalty.

Try not to get any negative thoughts when they are busy or not answering your Calls. This is the biggest reason why a fight would start and it may push your partner away from you if it’s start getting hectic.

Keep it nice and simple, it’s definitely hard but it’s not impossible. Long distance relationship helps you realise the real worth of spending time together.

Try not to express what you’re assuming all the time. Discuss the real facts and communicate politely.

If they want you to be part of their journey. It means they love you. They know how hard it’s for you to agree on long distance relationship. But your partner wants you to believe in them.

Stop worrying and be happy that you guys met. You barely meet people these days who try to hold on to each other. Long distance relationship is hard but it will be the best part of your life once everything falls into place.

Do not stop communicating and keep your egos aside. Make them feel like you’re their best friend and you’re always their for them no matter what.

You will get through this and it will be all be worth it.

Dating Tips

How to Behave with a Girlfriend on a First Date

Excited about the first date? Absolutely. But how to deal with the inevitable apprehensions on the first date? Our advice, Be Yourself.

Having said that, let’s focus on our behavior to make a solid first impression which leads you to the second date with someone you like most.

Gentlemen! Let the Game begin.

1. Dress to the nines.

Do not show up in an old jean or trouser contrasting amazingly with your old sneakers and a shaggy beard. Be a man instead- groom your face wears a tactical shirt with tapered trouser and nice shoes. Also, it wouldn’t kill you to take shower that day.

2. Don’t be late.

Don’t be the loser shows up 10 minutes late and ruin the excitement. Instead be there a few minutes and you might score the perfect table, after all she is special.

3. Confident and focused.

Greet your date warmly. Offer her the seat before you sit. Compliment her beauty. Maintain proper posture, look into her eyes. Smile when talking along with light hand gestures. Put your phone on silent mode and upside-down on the table.

4. Maintain two-way communications.

You are not there to attend a Ted-Talk or a lecture. Ask her semi-general (friends, hobbies, etc) questions and share some things about yourself for you are there to understand each other in a better way.

5. Manners and etiquettes.

Talk to the waiters like a gentleman. When the food is served, wait for her to start. Always hold tissue in your left hand. Try to match her eating speed. Place the used spoon and fork parallel in the plate.

6. Offer to pay.

A foolproof way to accomplish this is to simply reach out for the check when it arrives. Do not assume that she will pay for you. If your date offers to split, do not push it and accept gratefully. You can say ‘Thank you, that’s so nice of you, next one’s on me’.

7. Suggest a second date.

Offer a suggestion about what you can do next together. Try going for a trekking or a bike ride or play a video game that you both enjoyed talking about during the date. Say goodbye with a friendly hug. Don’t expect a kiss on the first date.

Dating Tips Hookup Secrets

New 12 rules that helps you to start a conversation with her over text.

If you need this article in the form of an E-book then you can download it easily for free. click here.

Already read so many articles about what to text a girl? You will find something unique and helpful in every steps below that may help you to start and hold a good conversation with a girl over text.

Girls expect a guy to initiate a conversation. On the other hand, guys usually overthink about the attention she might be already getting that is why we find it difficult to approach a girl the right way.

  1. Texts get boring very quickly for a woman.
  2. 78% of people don’t text their crushes because they feel that this will annoy their crush.

Why do we hesitate to approach a girl?

There could be many reasons and we usually end up saying that I’m shy to talk to a girl. BUT, 

I want you to discover what exactly your problem is. 


  1. You think you lack communication skills.
  2. You feel under confident about yourself it could be your body type, dress sense or the fear of rejection.
  3. Maybe you have no experience with it.
  4. Maybe you fear what to type next after the introduction

Your homework is to find out what exactly do you feel before initiating a conversation with a girl over text. 

There are different types of girl, but every girl wants a guy who can start and hold a good conversation.  

You need to follow these rules in order to keep her engaged in a conversation with you. 

Rule number 1: Type correctly, Do not type like this:

Hey, how r u doing?

Wt are u doing?

So howz lyf?

This is a huge turn off for her and she might not reply if you will initiate a conversation this way. Always type correctly and do not use these short forms at all. 

Instead of using these short forms: 

Type properly: 

Hey, how are you doing?

What are you doing?

So how’s life?

Rule number 2: If you are texting her for the first time, Do not start your conversation with a 

simple hey!!



 found you on this dating app.

The ratio of guys are more than girls that is why she will most probably ignore your text as she is already getting so many similar messages. It’s just a good day if you still get a reply with just a simple greeting. 

Rule number 3: Do not send her long paragraphs as a first message, It will make you look desperate.


I know just a hey won’t be enough. So here putting in some extra efforts. This is me from this place, left my job and blah blah.

You will end your conversation this way before it even starts.

You are texting her online to know about her, she is not interested in you yet. So, why would you tell her about yourself? You need to remember that girls like to talk more usually. So, instead of opening your chat with such long messages, wait for the right time and then send a decent and classy message.

Rule number 4: Do not write a poem or a quote as a first message. You will end up like other guys in her DM who never got a reply. It’s just a laughing content for girls and it makes sense. Nobody wants to read such messages in the first place.

Rule number 5: Even if you saw her on any dating app, Do not start your first message like 

 Hey, found you on dating app. Can we talk? 

Now the question comes What should be the first message in order to initiate a conversation? 

But before this, It’s also important to figure out: 

When is the right time to send her the first text message?

Wait for her to perform any recent activity on her profile. It could be a new story upload or a picture upload. The story could be anything but the chances to get the reply increases when it’s a meme or a quote or it could be anything related to general topics expect her own picture. REMEMBER THAT, you need to stand out. Instead of replying beautiful or hot when she uploads her own picture you should wait for her to upload something else because along with you there will be so many other guys who will compliment on her picture but you need to stand OUT! 

If there is a story upload apart from her picture then make sure you raise the question related to that story so that she gets curious to answer you.

For example: If she uploads a movie quote, ask her what movie is this from?

Or, If she uploads a story with music in her background, ask her what song is it playing?

If she uploads a story of the food item, ask her where is this available? And probe her further by asking did you like it? 

This works almost every time. But If it doesn’t work at least you have an option to un send your message these days.

If it doesn’t work, what are other ways to send her the first text message?

Explore her Account

Look for the picture in her profile which could be about the cafe, restaurants or any other place where the location tag is not mentioned.

You can forward her own picture to the direct message and ask what place is this? Add on a compliment This looks beautiful. Here, you will make the first move without even looking desperate. 

  1. Surprise her!! 

This is the third plan to grab attention from someone who is unknown to you. Make sure you use this step only when there is an activity performed on her account. 

For example: Reply to any kind of story this way:

Guess what happened lol 

Are you serious about this?

This is will create curiosity in her. It’s basic human nature. The obvious reply that you could expect from her after this will be “what do you mean or what?

You can reply to “guess what happened lol” this wayNothing haha, just thought to randomly ask someone to suggest me their favorite music. Is there any song you are listening to these days? 

If she suggests you the music, send her a picture of your screen listening to that music and let her know how amazing it was. This is how you text a girl. This will help you to initiate a conversation by using surprise approach

Similarly, Your reply to “are you serious about this” could be: Haha I know it can be weird, Just tried to grab the random attention for some good music. Could you suggest me any song you’re listening to these days? I have exhausted my collection lol. I hope it’s fine with you. 

She will generally reply yes it is and will suggest you music and then you have to repeat the above step again in order to hold the conversation.

Important: Key to success is holding a good conversation. You really need to hold it that is why many people get confused about how to text her after the introduction. Do not worry, we will suggest you more rules that will help you carry the conversation with her. 

Rule number 6: Do not ask her short answer questions. 

For example: 

So how was your day?

How’s it going?

So where are you from?

All these questions are fine but it could lead to the end of the conversation leaving you with no options to continue it further. You can ask the above questions in such a way so that it doesn’t end with just one answer. 

For example: 

 “I was wondering what did you do all day? Maybe I could figure out to add on something to my schedule too.

She might say there is nothing productive but still, she will answer you completely and in most of the cases girls get excited to talk about her day.

“It’s nothing I could do about my day, I feel disappointed haha anyway what about you? I was wondering is there anything interesting going on at your end? Maybe I could figure out to add on something to my wish list too.”

This is how you need to write your text messages so that she does not reply with a one-word answer.

Rule number 7: Be a little cheesy and flirty when you text. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Just compliment her or flirt with her in a very healthy way.

Timings matters in this rule, otherwise you might end up looking creepy. 

Healthy flirt examples and the right time: 

For example : 

She says “I have a headache” 

You could reply: That’s sad, I wish I was there right next to you and I would have given you a massage. 

This is how you can flirt with her in a healthy way at the right time. 

So whenever a girl is trying to express her pain, be sweet to her and make her feel loved. It is the best time to use such kind of cheesy lines.

Also, there are times no matter how good your compliment is, girls usually just say thanks or send an emoji to you or maybe they will tell you that I don’t know what to say. If you get any such reply, you need to understand why would she reply like that. 

You can say:  I understand you must be getting a lot of these compliments and it could be boring for you. Anyway, what is that you would like to change about guys in this world if it’s possible to do? 

This is how you will be able to figure out much more about her.

Or, you can say: haha, you don’t know how to take compliments right? I think you get confused when someone compliments you which is completely fine haha. 

For example: Ask her what do you prefer? Coffee or tea? 

To her answer, you can reply “Wish I could wake you up with coffee or tea in bed”  because I would love to take you out for coffee is too mainstream and she gets it every day.  

This is how you need to flirt with her in a very healthy way and timings matter a lot here. 

Rule number 8: Build a conversation in such a way where she will text you explaining more about her. 

Randomly ask her to suggest her favourite movie or song.

“Take a picture of your screen playing that music or movie suggested by her and send it to her. she will feel low key happy about it.“

I know a lot of people will ask you not to talk about her past, but I want you to build a conversation in such a way where she gets comfortable in sharing about it because this is how you will be connected to her in another level. After achieving this stage, you no longer have to worry about above-mentioned rules much.

Explore her account and see if she has given any signs about a recent breakup. If there is any, you could raise questions like:

If someone breaks your heart, would you still believe in love? Just wondering. 

This will make any broken heart people express themselves if you follow all the above steps correctly. 

Rule number 9:  Keep it light and chill. Send her memes in between conversation. You can also mention her in comments which will make her feel like you are available for her in many other ways instead of just holding a conversation. This lightens up the mood and makes the other person chill and comfortable to talk to you.

Rule number 10: stop interrogating like 

So what do you do? 

How old are you?

How many members are there in your family?

Do you smoke?

Do you drink?

All of this can be explored later with time, make sure you keep conversation sweet and she should feel like you are interested to know about her daily life instead of exploring her personal life. 

For example: 

What are your plans for today? I’m not able to figure out how can I make my day interesting today lol, maybe you could help me add on something to my schedule today.

Note:What do you do?” can also be used only if she asked this question to you first. 

Are you a morning person or night?

You can expect a one-word answer here like “morning“ or “night”. 

But after reading all the above rules, you should know that you have to hold a conversation. If she says “morning” then come up with a reply like: 

I’m sure it takes a lot of efforts to wake up early in the morning, Finding morning people is rare, how do you manage waking up early? Just wondering. 

Similarly, if she says “night” your reply could be:

Haha sounds relatable, I wonder how do people manage to wake up so early lol? I wish I could sleep on time but I fail to do so. Anyway, I wish we could binge watch series all night together with so much food to eat haha. 

This is how you manage to hold a conversation and end it with a healthy flirting at the right time. 


long holding message + healthy flirting = A decent impression on her that may help you receive a good response from her.

Rule number 11: Try to end the conversation before she says I will talk to you later but not Always.

This usually leaves a good impression on her if you end the conversation before her. It makes her little curious to know what will happen next. It also helps you not to exhaust all the conversation ideas in one go.

It’s better to end the conversation than to say “sup”  and “aur bata” repeatedly. 

Rule number 12: Response time should be managed properly.


If she is replying the moment after you text her then make sure you are also replying at the same pace. 

Different Situations: 

  1. If she did not answer your last text on time and reply back after a few hours then make sure you still reply on time If it’s a message where she is willing to start the conversation again. 

 For example:   

Hey, sup? sorry I was busy!

Simple Hey (  I know, that’s an irony. She knows a simple hey will give you signs to talk to her again)

You can reply such kind of messages on time, But the reply needs to stand out because here she might be giving you signs to initiate a conversation again but differently. If you have followed all the above rules properly then initiating a different topic in a conversation won’t be a problem. You could say: 

“Noo, It’s completely alright. You know what? I made coffee today. I wish you were here to share it with me!”

To this, she may reply “haha I wish that too”

Now again comes the holding part, tell her “What about coffee with me and a rapid-fire game right now?” 

This is how you can carry forward the conversation. Make sure you add different topics and elements to talk about daily that will keep her interested in your conversation. Do not forget to raise topics in such a way where she gets a chance to text more than you. Do not forget to be a good listener. 

  1. If she did not answer your last text on time and reply back after a few hours BUT the message is just an answer to your previous text then do not reply fast. Take at least 1-2 hour to reply. If this situation repeats again, you should take a day gap. Try not to exceed more than that. Now once again, start initiating the conversation again only if there is an activity performed on her account and follow the above rules again. But this time you have to be:

More comfortable and frank while initiating different elements in the conversation. Do not be formal this time and try to make her feel more comfortable by asking about her likes and dislikes and then add healthy flirting to every stuff she likes:

For example:  She says “I like dancing.”

Your reply could be: “Dancing? You like it too? I wish we could dance together with some good music on the rooftop.”

Here you can also add on a plan to it.

“I heard in XXXX cafe some amazing dance events take place. We should go there someday together.”

Make her believe that you are also interested in what she likes and add healthy flirting to it so that you guys form a different bond.

You can apply all the above rules in your conversation that may help you make new friends. I wish all of you the good luck and make sure your intentions and thoughts are clear before applying these rules on anyone. 

If you get stuck in any situation, E-mail us the screenshot of your text or write down your situation, I will reply to you on my own and help you get out of that situation. 

E-mail Id:

You can also send us a direct message on Instagram: @datingkitab

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2021: How to text her on Instagram Using Tips and Tricks

If you are wondering about how to text her on Instagram then stick to this article till the end.

What all you will learn from this?

You may find various other tips included here but it’s all-important for you to read so that It can make her feel interested in you!

Bonus: This article will help you in setting up your Instagram Profile as well.

Real dating apps like tinder are not very useful these days. The algorithm of almost every dating app has changed that may give you a few or no matches at all. This article will help you understand the following queries:

How to set up your Instagram Profile?

How to get her reply on Instagram?

How to slide in her DM?

How to approach her on Instagram?

How to find people around you like a dating app using

“Why Am I Not Getting Any Matches On A Dating App?”

Dating apps are just a collection of the same profiles which are already present on Instagram database. People still prefer downloading dating apps because it’s the only motive is to help people find a date.

Study says that “90 Percent of the time, people switch to Instagram in a few texts after they feel a connection with someone on any dating app.”
This process could be long and it may make you feel less confident if you end up getting no reply later.

The dating apps algorithm needs to be blamed. Matches have slowed down. But, Instagram got your back!

How to find And Text Her from Instagram?

● The ‘Explore’ option on Instagram can do wonders for you. It’s just like a passport to explore different people from all over the world.
● But it’s only used to explore all the public profiles on Instagram that are trending. If you end up texting those people then either you will be ignored or you may end up in a long-distance friendship. Do you really think I was going to say a relationship? NO!

This explore option is just like the tinder passport option. It’s nice that it exists. But it’s not worth buying it.

A) Instagram Profile

Before you make any move, You need to set up your Instagram Profile. Set up your profile on Instagram just like you do it on any other dating app.
● Add really good pictures.
● Create highlights of your work and your hobbies.

For Example: If you are into fitness then you can create a highlight about it because many people are attracted to intelligence and hygiene. This will mark a really good impression about you and they may not be able to stop themselves from texting you back.
● Avoid adding your shirtless picture as an Instagram display picture. This is usually a turn off for many girls even if you look good shirtless.
● Upload a profile picture that looks classy and decent.

B) Use Location

  1. This acts just like your radius settings on a dating app.
  2. Type nearby areas from your place on the Instagram search bar and you will see pictures of so many people.
  3. But, You will only see pictures from profiles that are set to public mode.
  4. Select the profile you like and text them on their story if they have posted something related to their interest.

For example: If they have posted a story about music or a movie, ask them “what movie it is or what music you are listening to”, this is how you can get her reply on Instagram. Try to divert your conversation to the location part (YOU know that they stay nearby) and act surprised when they tell you about where they stay. When Distance isn’t much, Even she will get curious to know about you.

C) Check your friends following list

Earlier back in the 1990s, people used to set up their friends if they were single. It is healthy and it is a safer experience as well. Also, this kind of relationship turns out to be successful most of the time.

  1. Check your friends following list and see who you like.
  2. If your intention is clean then you can ask your friend to
    introduce you to them. This works most of the time.

If you are from India then check out Dating Kitab Matchmaking
From New Delhi. You just need to fill a quick form. They will easily find you a friend or a partner that you may vibe with and arrange a meeting with them because they believe that real connection happens face-to-face. But, their safety measures are very strict and they will only set you up after you pass their security barriers.

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5 things you should avoid in a relationship.

What should we avoid in a relationship?

The best relationship advice you can ever get is to avoid these five things in a relationship. This will help you to avoid unnecessary problems. Such problems usually arise because of overthinking but if you go through all the points it may help you to stop doing it in future. This will help you to maintain a healthy relationship.

1. Comparing the past

When we experience a situation that’s similar to something from our past,we draw conclusions based on our past experiences. This should be avoided in a relationship as it will push away your partner because it will affect them too.This can make your partner feel upset all the time. 

2. Staying Silent

 Even if you have a problem related to your Relationship, you still choose to remain silent about it. The thoughts remain in the back of your mind while you are talking to your partner and you fail to express. This gets built up and it may come out with even greater ugliness.

3. Blaming

Arguments are normal in any Relationship but a healthy argument is, when you both relax and decide to fix it.  After an argument in a relationship, it could be tempting for you to blame your partner. This can damage your Relationship. It’s better to own mistakes and talk about solutions together instead of pointing fingers at each other.

4. Faking in bed

The conversation about what turns you on could be important for you. It’s okay to fake it occasionally in bed with your partner but you should not get caught up in it. A good intimacy increases the closeness in a relationship. The conversation about sex with your partner will help you to maintain a healthy sexual relationship as well.

5. Threatening

The most important thing in a relationship is to stay together and committed even in the lowest of times. You are abandoning your partner if you ask them to break up in almost every small issue. Even though you are self destructive sometimes and say it out of frustration but this should be avoided in a relationship. Otherwise your partner will feel scared to be serious for you thinking that you may leave them easily.

What do you think about the points mentioned above. Can you add more points in comments?