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Heartbreaks are better than one night stand | Real Story




  • It all started after the breakup . The breakup hit me very hard because she was found double dating .
  • The relationship lasted for 3 years and came to an end on 8th feb , 2016. From that day onwards , I started hating love and did not believe anyone .
  • I was afraid to go back to my single life because I was so attached to her and could not even think of staying without her .
  • She moved on happily and I took 2 years.
  • Relationships are beautiful but breakup is the gift to you from god. It depends that how you take it? You can either feel depressed about it or you can make yourself a better person so that your ex should see what she is missing.
  • Me and my ex were so close to each other , we used to share everything. She was always there for me whenever I needed someone . I used to tell her about my day and vice versa .
  • Some people think relationships gives you stress and kills your precious time . I strongly disagree , relationships gives you stability and security.
  • It makes you feel strong and loved . Some things are there which you cannot share with your family and friends but you can comfortably share it with your partner with complete trust that is why relationships are beautiful!
  • Stress comes in the relationship when two people separates . My ex used to make fun of my body and this was the reason she moved to some other guy after 3 years .

But why do I still feel that relationship and heartbreak is still better than a One night stand ?

  • When I decided to move on , Most of my friends asked me to go for one night stand with a random person .
  • It sounded cool and  I believe that we only get one life so I decided to go for it .
  • We both were smoking together in a hotel room and  having fun as if we know each other since ages.
  • It was very hard for me to share a bed with a random person so I closed my eyes and started imagining my ex while I was kissing her.
  • She kissed me hard with her eyes closed and grabbed me tightly . I noticed something is definetly wrong .
  • I pushed her away and asked her to play some good music on my laptop .
  • We both were listening to music and then I started talking to her . I wanted to hold a good conversation  so that I could find  the  reason behind her one night stand .

There is a ridiculous irony of online dating . We assume that people on online dating apps are unfaithful . 90 percent of people started using online dating apps after breakup who were actually loyal with their partner .

  • Similarly the girl who was with me in a hotel room was also going through a heartbreak  .
  • One night stand is never a solution to move on . It will ruin your image and nature as well .
  • Two people get a chance to talk about their love session when they are in a relationship and this turns out to be beautiful and secure .
  • In one night stand , the moment you guys step out of the room everything changes and then you never talk about it .
  • One night stands are for unstable people who lost faith in love .
This blog is a message to all those people in the same boat.Please wait for the good things to happen , don’t change yourself for anyone . Love do exist but some things takes time . Keep yourself busy and move on with a smile on your face rather than getting involved in the dark world where you will find no love for real. cheers !
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