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You can book a call back if you need dating tips , hookup tips and fitness tips here.

The Dating Kitab ( Kitab means Book ) is like a booklet that guides you for every relationship and hookups, We also give you Fitness tips to get you ready before your date or hookup . 

This Dating site is based upon real experiences and stories that has been converted into tips .

We are a dating site in India , that shares Dating Tips and Tricks on the basis of today’s culture and targets people searching for dating site in USA , UK , Russia , Australia , Canada, South Africa , Thailand and many other Countries. 

We provide Dating Tips and Hookup Tips using real relationships by real people who have already dated : 

  1. Teenagers .
  2. Girls and Guys between 22-28 years old. 
  3. Mothers.
  4. Fathers.
  5. Divorced People.
  6. School and College Crush.
  7. Office Colleagues.
  8. Trans-Genders.
  9. Gays.
  10. Lesbians. 

We also help people who are searching for queries like :

How to move on after breakup ?

How to impress your girl or guy on the first date ?

How to make her or him fall for you ?

How to have the best sex ?

How to have a Hookup ?

How to breakup without hurting your partner ?

There are many more queries that people are searching daily and we have trained professionals who will help you to find a way in every situation , We do not guarantee that that solution will work for you always, but you will get the full support.

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