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5 things you should avoid in a relationship.

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma

What should we avoid in a relationship?

The best relationship advice you can ever get is to avoid these five things in a relationship. This will help you to avoid unnecessary problems. Such problems usually arise because of overthinking but if you go through all the points it may help you to stop doing it in future. This will help you to maintain a healthy relationship.

1. Comparing the past

When we experience a situation that’s similar to something from our past,we draw conclusions based on our past experiences. This should be avoided in a relationship as it will push away your partner because it will affect them too.This can make your partner feel upset all the time. 

2. Staying Silent

 Even if you have a problem related to your Relationship, you still choose to remain silent about it. The thoughts remain in the back of your mind while you are talking to your partner and you fail to express. This gets built up and it may come out with even greater ugliness.

3. Blaming

Arguments are normal in any Relationship but a healthy argument is, when you both relax and decide to fix it.  After an argument in a relationship, it could be tempting for you to blame your partner. This can damage your Relationship. It’s better to own mistakes and talk about solutions together instead of pointing fingers at each other.

4. Faking in bed

The conversation about what turns you on could be important for you. It’s okay to fake it occasionally in bed with your partner but you should not get caught up in it. A good intimacy increases the closeness in a relationship. The conversation about sex with your partner will help you to maintain a healthy sexual relationship as well.

5. Threatening

The most important thing in a relationship is to stay together and committed even in the lowest of times. You are abandoning your partner if you ask them to break up in almost every small issue. Even though you are self destructive sometimes and say it out of frustration but this should be avoided in a relationship. Otherwise your partner will feel scared to be serious for you thinking that you may leave them easily.

What do you think about the points mentioned above. Can you add more points in comments?

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