Adult Stories

Sex From Nepal – Episode 1

It’s a beautiful weekend and I matched with a girl this morning on Bumble who is from Nepal but stays in Delhi, it’s just one picture that she uploaded on her dating profile that put me in doubt if it’s a real account or not.

But surprisingly, she sent me her Whatsapp number and we talked for some time and decided to meet tonight.

She stayed in California for a long time and sex was a very important part of her life. I usually do not see things go so quickly in Delhi but this is different and exciting,

We have a plan to go out for a drive tonight and if things go right, I will get laid tonight.

It’s the time and I’m going to pick her up from Vasant Kunj, New Delhi at 10 o’clock.

She sat in the car and I couldn’t stop looking at her, She was wearing a beautiful black one-piece and her skin was glowing so much. She already turned me on with her beautiful face, Juicy thick lips and her crazy accent.

“We do not have a destination, let’s go wherever we can,” I said to her.

But all we could see is barricades and Policemen stopping us everywhere in the middle of the night.

She was comfortable with me by this time, we rolled a joint and smoked up together. It was 12:30 in the night and she asked me to come home.

I’m excited to go because all I could think about is going deep inside her and make her cum multiple times all night.

We went to her place together, It was a huge building in front of me and there I could see her balcony full of beautiful lights.

We both went inside, it was a huge apartment and I was surprised to know that her sister was in another room. She already knew that there’s a guy coming in tonight.

Her sister was accompanied by another friend who got both of us another big fat joint and we all smoked up together again.

She treated me like a guest and got a glass of whiskey for me. My match did not even close the door and she came towards me.

She kept her hot naked legs on my lap and started playing some music. I’m not able to take my eyes off those beautiful feet and legs. I so want to kiss her right now, but I waited.

We shared different stories, she shared how a random guy wanted to lick her pussy and she finds it really exciting so she agreed to it.

It was 2 in the night and she asked me what’s next?

I’m stupid and I told her that I will have to go home. I fucked up everything after such a nice time. I was so disappointed and did not even realise what I just said.

But, she expressed and said “It’s very rude to say this to a girl”

and I ended up pushing her against the wall and kissed her really deep.

The kiss from a Nepali girl was different and unique, she was literally eating and licking my lips, we both were grinding and moaning while kissing really deep and licking each other lips like it’s the best candy in the world.

I undressed her, grabbed her boobs and spread her legs and put my rock hard throbbing dick deep inside her. She rolled her eyes and complimented my dick.

We fucked for hours and her legs started shaking. She wanted me to stop but her hot body made me want more of her.

She is asking me to talk dirty in Hindi. Born and brought up in Nepal, stayed in California for a long time but Hindi sex was a huge turn on for her.

I did everything she wanted me to do and she returned back the favour with a sloppy blowjob and took all my cum in her mouth.

I was exhausted but she treated me like a king and laid around my dick and played with it for a long time. The night was about to get over, but we had different plans for the future. Maybe, a threesome or it could be an orgy or maybe she just wants me to leave because she’s already dating someone and she is guilty of cheating on his guy.

The real truth comes out in the Next Episode.

—To be Continued–