Dating Tips

What kind of a guy do women appreciate?

There’s a quick cheat sheet to be the type of guy that every woman would appreciate.

Dating Kitab believes that there are different kind of people in society and everybody has their way of approaching someone. There are girls who might like you or appreciate you but they won’t ever confess.

Here’s a piece of advice, You should not chase someone so much because you might lose your worth. If anybody Is not confessing about their feelings for you or not putting in efforts to appreciate what you do for them, then you should LEAVE!

We don’t want you to go out of the way to get her appreciation because that’s a great loss of energy and it will make you unhappy!

What we are trying to say is that you should first appreciate yourself because constantly impressing a girl can turn her off but if you show that you have your own life and got things to do, it will attract a woman!

The busy guy is a very hot personality in today’s working environment. Showing off your parents money can only work with gold diggers. It can get you a pussy but it won’t help you find a true partner!

  1. So, you need to be real.
  2. YOU need to be a good listener.
  3. You need to try and have a conversation where she gets to speak more about herself because this way she would feel more connected to you. At least, do it in the initial days because women really appreciate it.
  4. Do not be rude to someone if they do not show interest in you. Instead, you should also build your mindset in such a way so that you can exit from rejection with class.

Because , I believe you are a part of a dating kitab family , then you must be a classy guy who will never be affected even if she goes away! 😉

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