Things That Makes You an Unhygienic Stoner!

Hey, stoners/Baaabaaaa! we are talking about you here.

Here are the few things that we have all heard about Big time Stoners:

  1. Stoners are very chilled out.
  2. They won’t pick a fight.
  3. Even if their friends are involved in a fight, they might watch it with their little eyes open and keep on wondering why are they so loud!
  4. They are probably high or smoking up right now and reading this article with some good ass music in the background.

But In this article, we will be sharing short research and facts about stoners that you won’t probably give a fuck about but a lot of people feel this way around you.

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Do You think that STONERS are Hygenic?
Do You think that STONERS are Hygenic?
Do You think that STONERS are Hygenic?

Hygenic Stoners do exist but they are rare. In this article, we will list out few points that will help you recognise an unhygienic Stoner.

1. Stuff and Nails

Big time STONERS are the sweetest when you compare them to a newbie who just started smoking up because they won’t mind crushing stuff for you.

Their stuff might get stuck inside their nails but they will pull it out, mix it with the stuff and roll a good ass joint for you.

You enjoy watching that rolled joint so much that you end up having a great smoke up session.

2. Delayed Shower But It’s the only way out!

They will skip taking bath for a long time because STONERS are probably laying down on their couch all day staying high and satisfying their munchies!

The only motivation to take bath is to smoke up that rolled joint during Shower or Some STONERS might enjoy their Joint more post Shower.

3. Not Accepting The Side Effects

Every STONER will tell you that smoking up is better than smoking Cigarettes. But, Deep inside they all know that Smoking is harmful either way.

“There is no side effect!” my stoner friend said to me while smoking up a blunt. I looked at him and agreed with what he was saying because Stoners don’t even remember what happened the other day.

They sometimes mix yesterday’s event with some other day and gets confused to figure out exactly when this thing happened with them.

Marijuana Affects your Memory but STONERS won’t agree because they probably do not remember anything to give a fuck about!

4. What’s Clean?

They may forget to keep their surroundings clean but their Ashtray, Rolling Paper, Stuff and Crusher will be remain up to the mark!

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Dating Tips

This type of guy will pretend that he cares for you.

Wondering what kind of a guy pretends to take care of you? You will get a glimpse of how these guys behave in this article!

1. Gives you a missed call in the morning.

You’re probably in a deep sleep every morning. He’ll Drop a short call twice or thrice when you’re asleep along with a small good morning message on your WhatsApp. This way you will wake up with a guilt wondering that you didn’t respond on time and this will probably make you feel like He cares for you so much but it’s YOU who failed to give him the same response.

2. Make Plans and never execute.

He would talk about going out with you, Plan trips with you and probably jerk off talking about the things he would do to your body while on a trip. After he cums, he would probably never plan such things and book another oyo room for the next weekend.

3. Talking about how busy he is

He will probably never text you first and always reply you back after few hours with an excuse or an apology to text you late. He will probably show up like “Oh, I’m so sorry, I just got so busy with family, I missed you so much”. He will probably ghost you again once you agree to talk to him and he jerks off to another sexual conversation between you guys.

4. Won’t talk about your day.

You will keep on asking him about different things but he will never take the details about your day because he’s not interested in you the same way like you are. But he won’t accept it and continue to entertain you in breaks.

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Indian girls and their Sexual chat preferences!

Wondering How To Have A Sexual Chat With an Indian Girl?

Download Free How To Text Any Girl on Instagram Guide by Dating Kitab.

Figuring out her Sexual chat preference helps you to understand her fantasy! It can also give you an idea about what kind of sex your Partner prefers!

Many people have done sex chat once in their life but not everyone enjoys doing it because they don’t connect with what their partner wants to communicate and that is why sexting fails!

In this article, we will unleash all the different type of sex chat that Indian girls prefer.

It is totally fine to ask your partner about their sexual chat preferences. Once you both start communicating about your sexual needs, things will be different and good for you!

In this article, you will learn:

What kind of sex chat do Indian girls like?

There are 7 types of sexual chats:

1. RolePlay Sexual chat!

In this sexual chat, she would want you to be her teacher, a doctor or maybe a random room service guy.

It turns her on because it gives her a feeling that she is getting sexual with a stranger. It is usually loved by those Indian girls who loves to be treated roughly in bed.

2. Romantic Sexual chat!

This is a sweet sex chat where she wants to be loved slowly and then get rough later in the text. She wants you to talk about how you will come close to her and wrap her in your arms and then undress her slowly in text.

This type of sex chat demands a feel where she actually wants to be touched by you and this type of Indian girl would start a sex chat with you if she really trust you and feels comfortable around you.

3. Hindi Sexual chat!

This is the fantasy loved by so many girls but not everyone accepts it honestly because it’s Hot and Gross at the same time!

Every guy would want to have a hindi sex chat with their partner once in their life but its hard to find girls who would prefer this type of Sexual chat or even if she prefers Hindi sexual chat, she might not communicate about it ever.

she would enjoy this sexual chat if you will use every sexual term in hindi without getting shy Otherwise, She will get turned off and feel bad about herself for accepting her fantasy.

4. Location Sex chat!

This type of Indian girls loves it when you mention different places where you would love to drill her. It could be the shopping mall washroom, a quickie in a car or the corner of the sofa.

But mentioning the location and making her feel like she’s present there will turn her on so much!

5. Threesome Sexual chat!

This type of girl would want to talk about a situation where you both get caught by someone else watching you having sex and that person wants to join in.

This type of sexual chat will involve you and that random person. This doesn’t means that she wants to have threesome for sure but she likes to imagine it in her mind.

6. Stoners sexual chat!

This type of girl is a big-time stoner and she would want you to talk about the good stuff you smoke or Snort.

She has never done sex without getting high and she would want you to Start texting her with a situation where you guys are doing toxic substances like marjuana and then getting sexual on text.

This would want her to meet you and chill with you.

7. Snapchat Me!

She likes to exchange pictures whenever you get sexual virtually. She might even ask you to striptease for her on snapchat.

She might come and meet you for real if she is sure about how you look and how clean you keep your body because all this while she was checking out how hygienic you stay in real life. We are talking about the body hair, haircut and how well you keep your private body parts clean.