Dating Tips

How to Behave with a Girlfriend on a First Date

Excited about the first date? Absolutely. But how to deal with the inevitable apprehensions on the first date? Our advice, Be Yourself.

Having said that, let’s focus on our behavior to make a solid first impression which leads you to the second date with someone you like most.

Gentlemen! Let the Game begin.

1. Dress to the nines.

Do not show up in an old jean or trouser contrasting amazingly with your old sneakers and a shaggy beard. Be a man instead- groom your face wears a tactical shirt with tapered trouser and nice shoes. Also, it wouldn’t kill you to take shower that day.

2. Don’t be late.

Don’t be the loser shows up 10 minutes late and ruin the excitement. Instead be there a few minutes and you might score the perfect table, after all she is special.

3. Confident and focused.

Greet your date warmly. Offer her the seat before you sit. Compliment her beauty. Maintain proper posture, look into her eyes. Smile when talking along with light hand gestures. Put your phone on silent mode and upside-down on the table.

4. Maintain two-way communications.

You are not there to attend a Ted-Talk or a lecture. Ask her semi-general (friends, hobbies, etc) questions and share some things about yourself for you are there to understand each other in a better way.

5. Manners and etiquettes.

Talk to the waiters like a gentleman. When the food is served, wait for her to start. Always hold tissue in your left hand. Try to match her eating speed. Place the used spoon and fork parallel in the plate.

6. Offer to pay.

A foolproof way to accomplish this is to simply reach out for the check when it arrives. Do not assume that she will pay for you. If your date offers to split, do not push it and accept gratefully. You can say ‘Thank you, that’s so nice of you, next one’s on me’.

7. Suggest a second date.

Offer a suggestion about what you can do next together. Try going for a trekking or a bike ride or play a video game that you both enjoyed talking about during the date. Say goodbye with a friendly hug. Don’t expect a kiss on the first date.