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Should I Be In A Hookup Or A Relationship?

As a person who has experienced both the sides of millennial romance, I feel that when it comes to the pros and cons both a relationship and a hookup, the pros in relationships definitely supersedes the ones related to hookups.

In order to give a deeper perspective about hookups or relationships, I would like to share a story about a man who helped me redefine romanticism in my eyes.

As any other millennial, I was too indulged in the hookup world, and so was he. Meaningless intimacy and temporary attachment was something both of us were used to before we met each other.

I was sure that love is something I would never be capable to give to someone other than my family but his arrival in my life tossed around all my beliefs and made me feel a way I had never ever experienced.

It’s a feeling you get when you read the fault in our stars for the first time or when you hear little things from One Direction and get tingles all up in your body and no one should be deprived of that feeling.

Instead of talking down hookups, I would like to share why a relationship works for me in hopes to help you find a right fit.


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A relationship can best be defined as what it is, a relationship.

It can sound confusing but a relationship is a mutual and voluntary agreement between two individuals not obliged to stay together but still choosing to stay every second of their day with each other.

It’s beautiful how you’re so fond of someone that you make them your human diary. There is this rawness, this innocence between you two that no words can explain and it isn’t available anywhere else in the world.



Many would argue the fact that the whole concept of hooking up is based upon physical intimacy but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

There is an intimacy stronger and much more beautiful than the physical closeness of two people.

When a couple decides to strip themselves emotionally in front of each other, that is when the real intimacy begins which is not something that can be done in a casual relationship as the level of bond needed is much more stronger than a bond between two individuals meeting on a dating app the day before. It requires effort which no one participating in hookups is willing to do.


You can be as strong as Beyoncé and still need emotional support from someone. Be it a family member or a partner, support is something everyone needs.

It’s the human nature to seek for approval and have a plan B. No matter what you do, where you go, you need someone to come back home to and unleash all the wear and tear of your day.

Being in a relationship means having a support like no other. Both of you could have had the roughest day possible but just one phone call in the end could fix 90% of your stress.

It is clinically proven that talking to a loved one helps an individual curb stress and anxiety.

These are just a few plus points of a relationship over hookups and there can be endless arguments over this topic. In the end of the day, everyone is seeking love, even the ones claiming to be heartless will give their heart to someone one day.

This is how the world works, without love we would just be a bunch of flesh robots putting our genitals into each other.

The whole human existence depends on the power of emotion and love is the strongest emotion to exist. Stop lying to yourself, stop shutting the doors and windows and let love and positivity enter your life. Cheers!

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Pick Up Girls In Delhi With Style| Tips and Tricks.

If you are wondering how to get laid In Delhi then make sure you read the last part as well. But, That last part won’t make sense to you if you don’t go through the whole journey of the Delhi night that I have personally experienced and based on my experience, I would love to share everything that helped me to pick up girls in Delhi. So, stick to this article till the end.

What will you get to know from this article that is written for you?

  1. How to pick up girls in Delhi?
  2. Best Pick up joints in New Delhi?
  3. How to get laid in Delhi?
  4. Best clubs in Delhi?

Start Small And Go Large!

You must be wondering how come an article about how to pick up girls in Delhi would ask you to start small and go large. There is a twist behind it.

Instead of landing up in a night club in the beginning, you need to start small in the first place. Reach Summer House Cafe on Friday or Saturday around 10 in the night. It stays jam-packed during that time but it’s usually empty on Sunday’s because it’s the rest day for most of the people in Delhi. People in Delhi usually get leave from work on Saturday and Sunday. So, your chances to Pick up girls in Delhi is more on Friday and Saturday night.

What’s Next?

Summer House Cafe is located in Hauz Khas, New Delhi.  This is one of the Delhi’s Cafe and Bar that I personally like because this is where you can pick up girls in Delhi much easily because of the cool mindset of the crowd over here. The manager of the cafe is bald who is rude and stupid. He usually stands at the entry gate of the cafe. He stops guys from taking the stag entry on Friday and Saturday night. I personally do not like the Manager of the club but it’s all worth it once you see so many girls around you inside the cafe.

How To Enter Inside The Summer House Cafe on Friday and Saturday?

A) Go Single If you want to pick up girls In Delhi.

There is no fun if you take your known female friend to make an entry inside the cafe. You will end up giving her time and this will make it hard for you to pick up girls in Delhi.  If you want to meet and pick up girls in Delhi, you need to read the article till the end. I’m from Delhi and I have applied all the tips and tricks mentioned below that actually works all the time!

A) Take The Stag Entry

[Stag: A person who attends a social gathering without a partner, especially a man who is unaccompanied by a woman.]

It’s not allowed to enter without a woman inside the summer house cafe but don’t lose hope because that’s the whole point! You will enter single but come out with a girl in the end because I have cracked everything for you guys.

How to get the stag entry?

Note: Do not try to convince the manager to allow you to enter without a woman because he will not allow you to do that in any case.

You should not be in front of his eyes without a woman because if he figures out that you’re single then all the tips and tricks to pick up girls in Delhi won’t work for you!

B) Stand At The Outskirts Of The Club.

Have a close eye at the crowd entering the club. You can stand near the parking where you will find the single girl gang coming from the cab or from their personal vehicle.

What’s Next…

Move towards any girl and ask her nicely! ”Are you going to the summer house cafe by any chance? ” If she says ‘ NO ‘. Just walk away nicely.

If she says ‘YES’ then let her know about the problem that “you are not allowed to enter the club single, would you please help me with the entry and we will get separated upstairs! ” 

In case you get separated upstairs, then do not worry! Thank god that it happened! You will be happy to see so many hot girls dancing around you.

How to approach a girl inside the cafe?

  1. Move towards the girl you like and ask her ”Do you guys usually party over here like this? Because I do not stay here ”.
  2. She will usually say “YESS!! ” then you can ask her further about where was she born?
  3. Human Psychology says that “people are always interested to reply about where they were born.”
  4. Compliment her gracefully with a smile on your face and make sure you have a drink in your hand ( Beer or Juice will work).
  5. Compliments are not about looks. It could be about their likes and dislikes as well.
  6. You can compliment her about her way of having fun in life. You can probably tell her ” Heyyy, this is so cool, It’s nice partying with you guys under the same roof”.

Note: Using the word “guys” makes it sound less desperate and that’s what you need to control. You should not sound desperate when you try to talk to her. You need to relax and sound chill out and use the word “guys” so that, the statement does not point at her directly. Otherwise, she might feel that you’re needy!

Most Valuable Trick:

If you think the conversation is about to die then before you walk away, Ask for her Instagram handle nicely and tell her that you might ask her about other cool places to party for the next weekend because according to her, you’re new to Delhi.

  1. She will probably think that you’re a party freak like her.
  2. She will probably be nice to you because you’re new to this place.
  3. She will think you just need help.
  4. She may agree to join you for the next party if she doesn’t hang out much with her own group.
  5. This trick works for almost all the girls who enters inside the cafe alone or with a girl gang.
  1. Go straight towards her with a smile on your face and tell her ” You are the most beautiful girl in this club and trust me I don’t usually say this to anybody.”
  2. Note: You can use the next step using the Clever Approach as well.
  3. Ask her to dance with you for 1 minute. Do mention the exact time so that she starts taking things easy and light.

Do not stand beside a girls group and start dancing like a creep! This is usually a turn off for most of the girls.

What Is The Perfect Outfit For The Cafe That Stays Open Till Late Night?

Wear decent dark blue jeans or black jeans with a plain slim-fit White T-shirt with Black High Ankle sneakers or normal sneakers.

outfit for clubbing in delhi

AVOID: wearing loose T-shirts.

If you have a little tummy popping out then go for a plain white shirt and blue jeans or a Black shirt with grey trousers or Jeans.

Remember: Look simple but CLASSY !!

Once you have started talking to a girl inside the cafe and she also seems to be interested in talking to you then ask her out for the after-party plans!

How to ask her for the after-party plans?
  1. You can probably ask her like “So, Do you have any plans for the after-party? I googled about a few more clubs that stay open till 5 in the morning. Do you know any night clubs here?” She will probably start giving you the names of the club because she probably thinks you’re new to Delhi so you’re safe for her.
  2. But, if you follow the real approach then let her know about other cool places you know and ask her “To hang out with you a little more before we could go back home.”
Now Comes The Last Part…I’m sure you can pick up girls in Delhi if you follow every step with style. 

You can Either ask her to join you for the house party or Ask her to go with you to a night club. Make sure you don’t force the next meeting on the same day. If it’s happening, go with the flow!

But, if she is not totally into the plan. You may let her go after asking for her Instagram handle and move on to the next girl! You can probably text her later on Instagram and ask her out online because there are chances that girls feel more comfortable after exploring your profile online! Make sure you set your Instagram profile properly so that, you can easily pick any girls in Delhi. 

THIS is how you can pick up girls in Delhi by chilling around 10 P.M. in Summer house cafe and end up large by chilling or partying till 4 A.M. in the Night Club.

For more tips and tricks follow @datingkitab on Instagram. We are coming up with more surprises. Stay tuned.