“sorry, no short men” dating app bio not acceptable anymore.

You have all seen women writing “sorry, no short men” on their tinder bio or any other dating app. This dating blog keeps you connected with today’s dating game.

Seems like it is socially acceptable for women to upload “sorry, no short men” on their tinder bio.

Before writing about this topic, I asked many girls about this bio and they were fine with the statement used here. Almost everyone agreed to this bio happily stating that it’s our personal choice.

Famous actress Deepika Padukone “my choice” is still used by many people in a bad way.

No matter how honest and blunt you are, using such bios are rude and should not be acceptable on dating app. It is body shamming too.

If this is socially acceptable for a women to put “sorry, no short men” on tinder bio then it should be socially acceptable for men to say ” sorry, no overweight women or no flat-chested women”.

Body shamming is not gender based. Dating bio should be strictly about yourself.

We understand that you may like guys taller than you. It’s totally cool to be attracted to someone you like. Maybe, you want to warn a guy before so that you guys don’t invest any time on each other. It’s nothing wrong if you are attracted to specific type of people.

However, if a man fills this gap “sorry , no _______ women required ”

They would get accused of body shamming and everyone would lose their mind.

This is double standard and it’s clear bullshit. This article request all dating app to strictly tell people that dating bio should be more about describing yourself.

What are you views about this dating bio? Do you think it is fine to use your dating bio as a filter to avoid short guys? Comment below and get connected to us on Instagram directly.