How to get more matches on tinder? Tips and Tricks

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I got more than 100 matches in a single day with this trick. Maybe it was a technical glitch or maybe not. In this article, You will find the tips and tricks to get more matches on tinder organically and inorganically.

No matches on tinder? This could be the reason.

Tinder follows an algorithm and named it as an ELO score.

The tinder profiles are like a pack of cards and your profile is one card with so many other guys.

The App developers apply several conditional coding statements in order to bring your profile on top. But those conditions become true depending upon how you use your tinder app.

If you will swipe right on every girl to get more matches on tinder then your Elo score will reduce and it will push your profile very far and It won’t show your profile card to the girls. This is the worst case because girls do not swipe right blindly like guys and you will be left with an empty dating profile.

Elo score reduces if you swipe right inactive accounts too.

How to increase an Elo score and get more matches on dating apps?

  1. Stop swiping right blindly.
  2. Update your bio in 48 hours.
  3. Add/Remove the same picture again in 48 hours.
  4. Swipe right especially those girls who have written a tinder bio.

By following above-mentioned tips, your profile will be pushed forward and it will be visible to the girls around you who are very active on tinder.

How Does Tinder Work?

Tinder hacks and get unlimited matches in a day? I tried this and it worked !!

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I got more than 100 matches in 24 hours and there were 46 more to swipe right using this trick and I’m glad it worked because I was working as a software engineer before and I know how these conditional statements work.

To start your ELO score fresh and use this trick at the same time. You need to delete your Tinder account.

You must be wondering why am I asking you to delete your dating account?

Here’s a twist…

Visual way to delete your tinder account with a twist:

a) Click on the delete account.

b) Click on ‘Delete my Account’.

c) Click on ‘other’ ..

After clicking on ‘Other’ you will get a new page with more reasons to give before deleting your Tinder account.

Make sure you select ” Not getting any matches”.

once you do that, Create your tinder account with the same digits again and follow the above steps and your profile will be visible to every girl who is active on tinder. With this trick, I achieved 85 matches in a day.

Additional tips to get more matches on tinder?

This is how you set your Tinder profile :

  1. Stop posting selfies. You can use one selfie but make sure all pictures are clicked by your friend because it increases your chances to get more matches.
  2. Update your bio daily and add a good long bio.
  3. Add/Remove pic whenever you get time.
  4. Go to settings and make your account visible to both Men and Women because it removes all the conditions on your profile and pushes your profile on top.
  5. Connect your Spotify and Instagram accounts too.
  6. Try to swipe right only active accounts and avoid girls with no bio on it.
  7. Girls want you to send them a shirtless picture in private. Avoid posting the shirtless picture on your dating profile. They don’t like it much.

If you still have any questions. Post them below. I will reply in 1-2 hours.