Does love exist ?

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This is a blog writing on behalf of all the people who once fell in love and did everything for their partner but it did not reciprocate accordingly.

IF you are one of them then this article is for you and I’m sure just like me, even you are wondering, Does true love exist?

Do you still believe in love?

I do not want relationships. I’m not ready for a full-blown relationship anymore.

I tried starting it all over again with someone else who pretended to be exactly like you. But it ended up the same way leaving me damaged and heartbroken.

Dating sites in India or in any other country is a place full of heartbroken people trying to fix themselves by doing hookups.

This whole game of love scares me now. I’m scared of people and today’s culture. The wife is cheating on her husband or vice versa. Students who should focus on their maths are busy counting the number of matches they are getting on dating apps.

We all are getting so broad-minded but we are not using it right.

“I wonder when will this game end? “

Sex is so easy and love is so hard to find. Where are we heading?

Trust me, I’m fond of love because at the end of the day I crave for someone genuine to talk to me and ask me about my day, I never felt like having a sex chat after a stressful day. But still, why is it so difficult to understand that loyalty should not be hard to find.

It should be the first thing before giving commitment to anybody.

STOP giving up easily, sit and talk like your parents. Giving up, cheating and blocking are not making you look cool. It is setting you up for karma. No matter how cool you are on Instagram but the guy who is not at all cool and dating a girl from school, who are not even on any social app are more happy and stable than you.

You see what is wrong?

Dating randomly from dating apps or from any other social app is kinda wrong.

  1. Take time to know people.
  2. Getting sexual on the first date is bad. Do not even try to support this thing or act cool about it.
  3. Know each other, get connected to each other and then do it.
  4. It is always better to be difficult than being easy.
  5. Guys or girls will end up judging you and these judgments make you believe that they will not get serious and might do it with someone else too so they start dating each other casually.

Fuck these new terms like hookups, casual dating and whatever makes you look cool. It has spoiled today’s love culture.

Those days were better without technology when it was hard to discover people from far off places and there were fewer options available which mean fewer temptations. Without Technology, people used to actually take efforts to see their partner.

Always Fall in love if you really want to fall. Or else, stop giving fake hopes because I’m really tired of starting it all over again. ‬