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How long should you wait to sleep with someone?

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These days people talk to each other online and plan to meet . Sometimes, they have sex on the first meet. Some people take months before they get sexual with each other.

but what is the best time to have sex with him ?

Many girls are wondering when is the best time to get sexual with their partner so that no body judges her.

As a guy , I would like to be honest about everything . Almost every guy will judge you if you are easy for him. He do not care about the loyalty in the beginning. He stays more worried about your character and this is the sad reality.

But that does not mean you cannot have sex with him on the day you meet him. Relationships do last long even though you start with with the hookup. Relationship may end even though you take time to have sex with him. Sex will never affect the relationship. It’s all in our head. You can sleep with him anytime. But what is the ideal time for all us to to sleep with someone ?

If you invest more time building an emotional bond , that will be worth it ! Wondering why ?

If you will have sex with him on the first date, you will eventually talk about your sex all day and get bored.

Building an emotional bond is better because you will have other things to talk about . Take your partner out for a Movie , low-key dates are the best thing you can ever do with your partner because you will have a’lot of content to talk about apart from sex and this will create a healthy and positive bond.

Sex is a part of love , let’s not ruin the relationship by judging on the basis of the time you had sex with someone. But , the best time to sleep with someone would be after having an emotional bond.

Dating Tips

Is he cheating on you? These two questions will help you find.

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Worried that your boyfriend is cheating on you ? As a guy , I will tell you how you can deal with this. I will tell you the Questions that you need to ask your boyfriend if you think he is cheating on you.

This morning , A girl asked me how to find if his boyfriend is cheating on her or not ?

His boyfriend was out in the morning and she texted him where is he ? He said he is with his friends and won’t be able to text her much . She got worried because his boyfriend do not step outside on weekends usually. As a matter of concern she asked him to snapchat his surroundings so that she can be relaxed and won’t disturb him further.

This guy got pissed which is pretty obvious! He goes out happily in the morning to chill with his buddies and all of a sudden his girl started spying on him.

Guys MISTAKE number 1 : You starts pointing out your girl mistakes so that she gets pissed off and stop talking to you for a while and everything gets normal later. This is how you take her for granted. If you are right at your part, go ahead !! Send her the snapchat and chill ! You do not need to stretch the topic and ruin each others day. This is how you boost her insecurity level. If you really love her , you would have sent her the snap and this could have built more trust and love .

His trick if he is cheating on you : This is how he escape from the scene even if he is cheating. He may create a scene to piss you off so that he can sort the mess later when he is back home.

Your Mistake #1 Girl : If you feel insecure, Asking for proofs gets totally normal. But, It becomes a mistake if you will ask for screenshots quite often.

You need to follow only two things in life if you are worried if he is cheating on you or not ?

You need to find the answers about only two questions and this will help you in dealing with almost every people in your life. Stick to this article and check whether you have all the answers or not.

Question #1

Does he express himself ?

If he does not express any kind of emotions towards you then it is time for you to step back a little. See how he behaves . Body language tells a’lot . Does he holds a conversation with you and loves talking about other things as well except sex ? If Not , You need to think about yourself because he might be treating you like an object.

Question #2

Does he try?

Does he try to text you back when he is busy ? Does he try to call you up ? Does he try to take you out ? If all the try fails then is it even worth it to fight for someone like that?

If you do not get the answers to these two questions , then the relationship will fail.

Dating Tips

Did he disappear ? You might have done this by mistake.

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If you are attracted to someone and you want him to give you attention but it turns out to be totally opposite then you might have done these two mistakes.

Mistake number 1 : You were too hot for him . If you went on the first date and you turn out to be too hot for him then it can make him insecure. He will get really scared to initiate the relationship with you. He has definitely started liking you but he is already scared to loose you because he is not that attractive as compared to you.

Here , you will have to approach him and make him feel more comfortable about his personality and looks. You may want to make him feel secured by meeting him more often and giving him more attention .

But if you also believe that you are too hot for him then you can mess this relationship by ignoring him and waiting for him to call you after the first date.

Mistake number 2 : You are too cool for him . You do not have to talk about your past relationships in such type of a date. You do not have to talk about your girls group who get laid easily , You do not have to share about your girls who are on tinder and take everything lightly. If you really want this to go further and expect him to give you attention then you should be Warm for him.

how to get attention from your guy by being warm ?

Laugh at his jokes

Give him a warm hug .

Talk about your Goals in life.

Talk about your family.

Be friendly and let’s not be formal like it’s your interview with a boss.

Take compliments with a smile.

And one most important thing !!

Be curious about his life too and question him around all those things mentioned above which will create a healthy bond and make him feel secure as well .This is how you will get a call back after the first date and He will not be afraid to spend his precious time with you.

Dating Tips

Do this to turn her on

It’s not about sex positions , It’s not about foreplay . You don’t have to find her G-spot in order to turn her on . You also do not require a vibrator , Clitoral stimulation and an oral sex to give her an orgasm.

In order to turn her on…..

There are many things that can make her feel like she needs you . I’m sure you are still guessing what is that one thing that can make her go crazy for you?

Do not think her as an object and try to think out of the box . Sex is important ! But have you tried building an emotional connection with her ? Trust me ! This will turn her on . Building Emotional Bond will make her feel comfortable and it builds trust.

Ignore this article if you are just looking to fuck her and leave.

If you want to turn her on , Stop taking her to the room and go out for a date.

Make plans for the date from A-Z because..

She will feel like you are really interested in her . Give your time and attention and make the best memories with your partner .

Wear a Slim fit formal Suit to turn her on

Stop sexting and talking about fucking all day. Turn her on with your best outfit and formals will always make you look good in her eyes !!

Hug her tight …

She will feel secured and protective if you will hug her tight and this is the best thing you can do to to make her feel special .she will stay dedicated and attracted to you in a healthy way.

Physical relationship is not the only thing that you require to turn her on.