Facts About Narendra Modi that makes him best match On Tinder.

This post have real facts with jokes as well and there is no intention to hurt anybodys feelings . Imagine Narendra Modi signs up on tinder before elections ,he will make hot promises to you and I hope he will complete those promises  because that is what modi is famous for right ?   You will be happy to read the 10 facts why namo is the best match on tinder for you .

#1 Narendra Modi was a tea seller.

If you are a chai lover ,this tinder match is for you!! He was a tea seller and he will serve you the best tea whenever you are in a Bad trip . You will never require any medicine for heart attack or headache , tea will be your best cure. Narendra Modi will always have your back .

#2 No Need of OYO rooms !! Narendra Modi stays alone.

Narendra Modi do not even stays with his mother, He stays alone in Panchavati which is the official name of the PM’s residence complex. Imagine Netflix and chill all night with full security . You will be safe at his place and you will not be required to check out at 11 AM like Oyo rooms .

#3 Narendra Modi is Hygienic AF!!

Narendra Modi is so hygienic that not only he keeps his house clean, he  also launched swachh bharat abhiyan on 2 October 2014 on Gandhi Jayanti to clean his sorroudings as well. This dude is a full power package on tinder.

#4 He is not a FuckBoi

I doubt if he is a fuckboi or not because Narendra Modi was engaged to a local girl, Jashodaben, while he was still a child but media will always have your back because he is on news 24/7 so there is no chance for him to cheat on you. But that does not mean you can cheat on him , Narendra modi hate cheating and he is very famous for taking good revenge as well like surgical strike! Don’t give him a chance to plan a surgical strike against you.

#5 Narendra Modi Lifestyle is next level

Narendra modi will take you places you have never been before. He is a traveller and seems like he joined BJP to full fill his travelling dreams. No wonder after your match on tinder with him , you can be his partner in travelling.You can easily flaunt your tinder match because he wears the best suit.Narendra modi dress price estimated cost is close to 10 lakhs!

#6 He will give you hot display pictures. 

It’s a lesser known fact that narendra modi is fond of clicking photographs. He can easily own the best DSLR and help you with hot profile pictures. He even writes poems in gujrati as well .

#7 Narendra Modi will reply you on time!

It’s a fact that narendra modi is India’s most techno savy leader. He remains active on social media apps and he will be one of those cute guys who will wake you up with his morning text and calls .

#8 100 percent villain

Narendra modi can be 100 percent villain if anyone touches his girl .Being in delhi since a long time ,he has grasped delhi guy traits very well.  He can easily arrange thousands of guys to fight for you .

#9 Testosterone levels is not an issue.

Exercise boost your testosterone levels and Namo takes care of it really well. He is the only leader who aims to rebrand and promote yoga in India. He wishes that downward-facing dog pose will be as popular in their homeland as they are around the world. Namo love fitness as well and this is turning on many people.


Why your man is turning materialistc | Gold Digger Tinder Prank

Hi girlfriends and boyfriends , welcome to my blog again . You will know all your partner secrets here. You will find answer to the questions you can never ask your partner. People are turning materialistic  and gold diggers are just one of the reasons why guys wants to get rich in few days.

  • I matched with a girl on tinder 1 year ago , she was a model and only 19 years  old . she was very hot so I could not stop myself from texting her first . I felt husband zoned on tinder for the first time because the girl was more curious to know about my family and their income .
  • Surprisingly she asked me to take her for a drive in hot yellow mustang because I had a picture with it. I asked her to come nearby hauz khas metro station . There is a ridiculous irony because she was using the metro to ride mustang . I asked my friend puneet to join me because this was going to be exciting.
  • We took scorpio car, parked it nearby hauz khas metro and called her up stating that we are on the way. The moment she gets to know that mustang is on it’s way she pulled out her mirror and started doing little makeover.  We were observing everything secretly .

Have a look at the video where she is busy talking to me and wondering where is the car. My friend recorded this for me.

[wpvideo bK7pVU7G]

  • You must be thinking that the girl is not at fault because she just wanted to go for a ride.
  • I called her up and said “we will be going for a drive in my scorpio”.
  • she started abusing and said “I was not here for you , I wanted to be in that mustang” and she disconnected the call.
  • This could have hit me hard. But I took it in a very funny way .Believe it or not most of the guys are going crazy to have their attention and getting indulged in the black market to earn more money fast. Earlier, there was true love where people used to walk for so long to reach the retaurant but gold diggers are another distraction in a guys life .

This blog wants to convey you the message that go slow , success comes with great hard work. Don’t run for money to get attention from such kind of girls. There are many nice girls who will love and build with you . Never get distracted from your career. Spend time with your family and close friends . Meeting random people will increase the feeling of competition and make you sad if you cannot match their level. 

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Heartbreaks are better than one night stand | Real Story


  • It all started after the breakup . The breakup hit me very hard because she was found double dating .
  • The relationship lasted for 3 years and came to an end on 8th feb , 2016. From that day onwards , I started hating love and did not believe anyone .
  • I was afraid to go back to my single life because I was so attached to her and could not even think of staying without her .
  • She moved on happily and I took 2 years.
  • Relationships are beautiful but breakup is the gift to you from god. It depends that how you take it? You can either feel depressed about it or you can make yourself a better person so that your ex should see what she is missing.
  • Me and my ex were so close to each other , we used to share everything. She was always there for me whenever I needed someone . I used to tell her about my day and vice versa .
  • Some people think relationships gives you stress and kills your precious time . I strongly disagree , relationships gives you stability and security.
  • It makes you feel strong and loved . Some things are there which you cannot share with your family and friends but you can comfortably share it with your partner with complete trust that is why relationships are beautiful!
  • Stress comes in the relationship when two people separates . My ex used to make fun of my body and this was the reason she moved to some other guy after 3 years .

But why do I still feel that relationship and heartbreak is still better than a One night stand ?

  • When I decided to move on , Most of my friends asked me to go for one night stand with a random person .
  • It sounded cool and  I believe that we only get one life so I decided to go for it .
  • We both were smoking together in a hotel room and  having fun as if we know each other since ages.
  • It was very hard for me to share a bed with a random person so I closed my eyes and started imagining my ex while I was kissing her.
  • She kissed me hard with her eyes closed and grabbed me tightly . I noticed something is definetly wrong .
  • I pushed her away and asked her to play some good music on my laptop .
  • We both were listening to music and then I started talking to her . I wanted to hold a good conversation  so that I could find  the  reason behind her one night stand .

There is a ridiculous irony of online dating . We assume that people on online dating apps are unfaithful . 90 percent of people started using online dating apps after breakup who were actually loyal with their partner .

  • Similarly the girl who was with me in a hotel room was also going through a heartbreak  .
  • One night stand is never a solution to move on . It will ruin your image and nature as well .
  • Two people get a chance to talk about their love session when they are in a relationship and this turns out to be beautiful and secure .
  • In one night stand , the moment you guys step out of the room everything changes and then you never talk about it .
  • One night stands are for unstable people who lost faith in love .
This blog is a message to all those people in the same boat.Please wait for the good things to happen , don’t change yourself for anyone . Love do exist but some things takes time . Keep yourself busy and move on with a smile on your face rather than getting involved in the dark world where you will find no love for real. cheers !
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13 Reasons why girls won’t hookup with you !

I asked different girls about that one particular reason that why you will never hookup . Everyone was so curious to answer this because they seems to be really unhappy with such type of guys .
Every girl has different opinion . Take a look at all those real reasons why a girl won’t hookup with you !

#1  If he stinks or has bad breath !

This girl says that she will never hookup with a guy who brush only once a day . She finds it bit repulsive and might end up gifting you a toothbrush on your birthday !!
She wants the guy to be hygienic . She will never come close to you if you smell bad . Don’t forget to use the best perfume before you meet anyone for hookup!!

#2 Visible Nose hair is a big turn off

 If you are taking care of your beard and hairstyle then don’t forget to get rid of your nose hair as well. It’s a big turn off for a girl if she sees those tiny hair coming out of your nose !!

#3  If you follow Anil Kapoor !!

Imagine you are going for a hookup with a girl wearing your favourite white shirt leaving 2 button open from the top and your curly chest hair is popping out . She will give you the lame excuse and leave happily.

#4  Stop talking Non Sense

She said that it’s a big turn off when guys starts talking about hookups in the begining and ends up talking about relationship goals . Stop talking Non sense , You asked her out for hookup and all of a sudden you want to wife her.

#5  Bad Sense of Humor

Bad sense of Humor and on the other hand terrible sounding laugh on your own jokes is turning her off!

#6  Show OFF!!

You are constantly turning her off if you keep talking about yourself and your khandani paisa ! If you guys want to hookup then stick to it , don’t try to bahu zone her with all your money.

#7  Mummy ko bolo complan pilaye ! Short Height is a turn off !!

Girls understand that height is not in your hands , she will be happy to be around you but she won’t let you slide inside her ! Short height is a big turn off for most of the girls!

#8  She needs the D not your moon and stars!

This girl says that she hates guys who starts the conversation with cheesy lines about moon and stars. She is here to hookup with you , don’t be such a gentlemen at this time . It kills the vibe and makes everything weird!!

#9 She hates Poor Grammar!

Girls can get turned off with poor grammar as well and I swear if you will use (your) and (you’re) incorrectly then you ain’t getting any BJ!!

#10 Your Pube Like Beard!

Not every guy needs to have beard . Pube like curly Beard is not at all happening . Move on guys , this is turning her off again.

#11 Your Dress Sense !!

This girl said that she goes through all the pictures of a guy before hooking up with him and notice his clothes and shoes as well. shabby and ill-fitting clothes can disgust her . Again, this is basic stuff, but it comes up so often. Guys: wash your clothes! Buy some that fit! Rinse and repeat!

#12  Not only humping , Treadmill is important too!

Smoking and drinking all the time and braging about it is turning her off again . She will appreciate you more if you keep everything balanced and take care of your health as well.

#13 So many ‘ I got laid stories ‘ !

Don’t brag so much about your past  , She can easily get guys like you  ! You should learn to keep secrets , she will find it really immature  if you will flaunt too much about your past sex stories . She would love to know about your style but she don’t want to know how other girls felt hooking up with you!!

We could discover only 13 reasons yet . If you have more reasons on your mind DM us on Instagram @mymansecret . We will post it on our story and blog as well .

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9 Reasons why a guy won’t hookup with you

Imagine you like that guy a’lot but he refuses to hookup with you ! Can a guy do that ? Yes he can . This blog post will tell you the real reasons why he will not hookup with you . Hookup is the new bond in our generation where two people meet to have a good time without any commitments. But It doesn’t mean hookups can happen easily . There can be times where your partner comes to see you and runs away . This article will give you all those reasons why a guy will refuse to hookup with you !! These were the reasons given to me by different guys.

#1  She should split the bill 

This guy said that he builds up the conversation with a girl and make different plans to meet for example watching a movie , going out for dinner ,etc  .

  • This guy will make only such plans where payment can be done online .
  •  In his recent case , he matched with a girl on tinder , started talking a’lot and made plans for movie where he pitched to book a movie ticket , as there was no response from the other side for the payment , this guy lost interest in her and started ignoring her .
  • It’s a turn off for some guys when girls don’t even initiate for making the payment .
  •  Guys don’t want the girls to pay full , they want to split or they just want there girl to talk about making a payment. It’s more than enough for such guys to show interest in you .

#2  She should be easy 


  • This guy says that there should be equal response from both the sides .
  • The girl should not show any attitude since the beginning if she wants to hookup as well.
  • Basically , guys gets relationship vibes whenever the girl starts acting weird , rude or arrogant. They want the girl to stay naughty the moment conversation starts and such guys want there girls to talk dirty whenever they are texting each other  .
  • It’s a turn off for the guys who don’t like to invest there time much on relationship and that is why they want things to be easy otherwise they will start losing interest if you will take time to jump on to conclusions.

#3 She Should Not be Ugly

  • This is the only guy who don’t care about anything in the world.
  • He just wants his partner to be pretty.
This guy said :
I want to flaunt my hookup buddy in front of my friends , so I don’t care about other things. She should be pretty so that my friends don’t make fun of me.

#4  She should be allowed for Night Out 

  • This guy will lose interest in you the moment you say “Abba nai manenge ” .
  • This guy stays busy all weekdays and he only get time on weekends.
  •  If you ask him for a day out on weekend he will completely refuse and will start losing interest as well.
  •  This guy lives for weekends where he gets to sleep all day and party all night.

#5  When the girl is crazy about sex


  • This guy says that he is always worried about his performance and dick size , If such guys finds a girl online who is crazy about sex and dick pictures then he will not show interest in you.
  • This happens because this guy is not confident enough about his dick size and performance .
  • This guy will always go for girls who pretend to be scared of sex but later it happens easily haha . This is a trick to make such guys comfortable !!

#6  When She says ” No Oral Sex “

  • This guy said that if a girl refuses to go down on her or if she refuses to go down on him then he starts losing interest in her.
  • Such guys will hold the good conversation and have sex chat where they will take out all the details about you going down or not .

#7 If she don’t smoke up or drink

  • This guy will lose interest in you if you don’t smoke up weed or hash . He will proactively ask whether you drink or not  .
  • If you refuse to drink as well then he will never meet you.

#8 When there is no Emotional Bond

  • This guy said that he is totally in for hookup but he still needs some spark and emotional bond otherwise he won’t get erection.
  • He wants little feelings before he gets laid with the other person .
  •  If he don’t find that emotional connection with you then he won’t meet you.

#9 Multiple dates are a Big No

  • On behalf of all the guys, this goes for everyone . No guy wants to go for multiple dates outside if he just wants to hookup with you.
  • The moment you ask him to meet for a movie for the second date , he will vanish . It’s not his fault , he is not looking for a relationship .
  • But girls , if you are looking for a relationship , then do take him out on multiple dates , if he agrees to all the dates then he is the right one because good things takes time.

Only 9 reasons have been discovered yet . If you guys have any other reason in mind then DM us on Instagram  @Mymansecret  . I will post it on my story and blog post as well . ( Anonymously for sure ) . cheers!!