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OYO room is the new I love you ?


Sometimes I feel like tinder and oyo rooms  are collaborating and killing real love. If you have ever went to the oyo room with your boyfriend , this article is for you !

  • You can either take this as an advice to ask out your dream girl for fun  and girls can get an idea about  how to avoid such kind of boys .
  • These days love is hard to find , but tinder made it very easy . Isn’t it ?
  • Tinder made it very easy to meet new people, but it is very hard to find real love .
  • Everyone is running there fingers on each other’s picture and deciding who is hot or not ?
  • And after getting a match the first question on everybody’s mind is  why tinder?
  • Everyone will have different answers but there answer will always end with the statement please don’t judge.
  • Irony is , you all are already judging each other on the basis of looks !
  • Oyo room comes in the picture after few days and some desperate will  take few minutes to take you there.
  • If there is a match on the tinder , and the guy is approaching you by using sweet pickup lines which is still fine and healthy .
  • But , what if he says I hate to go out in public , let’s book a room and have a good time where we can Netflix and Chill  ?
I’m sure everyone loves to have a good time, but if you are looking for some serious thing on tinder, don’t land up with such guys no matter how attractive he is , I understand you start liking each other but always remember good things takes time.