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How weed and tinder affects workout and Sex !


I don’t need to explain what is weed , our generation is very well aware about weed and it’s affect on our health . But still most of the people has the same question parked about weed weather it affects our workout and our sex life ? The answer is obviously yes ! But why I’m so sure about it ?

My friends told me about it but they don’t have any blog yet to spread awareness .


  • My friend is crazy about gym like me but he is also so much into girls and hooks up with them from tinder almost every week .
  • This anonymous guy smokes weed every night  before going to sleep and smokes weed before every hookup in order to enjoy the moment . But is it really healthy to do so ?!
  • Weed plays with your mind and makes you slow and partially conscious.
  • It makes you weak and clumsy .
  • But does it really effect your workout and sex life ?

Here you go :

  • Your strength will reduce and you will feel lazy while working out.
  • you won’t be able to increase your lift that particular day which will result in poor workout and the pump will not be the same.
  • Sex life will reach the next level , you won’t be able to cum for a long time.
  • Your partner will have a very good time but what about you ?
  • Are you really enjoying that time ? If you cannot be honest about it , I will help you convey that message to your girlfriend / wife .
  • Boner gets numb and he feels nothing .
  • But he still enjoys doing it because after all this is beautiful .
  • Trust me , next time your guy tries to light a joint before sex , stop him and make him feel comfortable so that he can enjoy the beautiful time.  cheers !