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Why first sex attempt fails 90 percent ?


The ladies who are here on my blog for this interesting post, I welcome you all and guys don’t worry if your girl is nice to you she will understand you better next time after going through this post.

  • 90 percent of men fails to have sex for the first time . why is it happening to most of the guys yet nobody accepts it ?
  • Sometimes partners talk about sex a day before trying it and that day the guy goes through thousand of google pages in order to give the best performance .
  • There is no harm in doing it because you are in love and your partner deserves all the fun and pleasure.
  • But why you end up embarrassing yourself even though you are so well prepared about it ?
In this blog post , You will find a reason of this failed attempt and a one line solution to it . 
  • Guys ! you don’t have to be a porn star haha.. take things slow and easy .
  • stop concentrating on every move she takes after you !! that concentration is so high and it kills your mood because you are so worried if she is feeling good or not .
  • you are worried about the face she will make looking at the size of your d*ck .
  • you are just worried for no fC*king reason .
  • This race going on in your mind builds a tensed atmosphere and you lose erection .
  • There is no issue in you, there is a performance pressure that leads to failed attempt .
Next time you go for it , just have a pint of beer or a good conversation and just go with the flow with eyes closed. No girl in love will judge you . Relax and enjoy love life , it’s just performance pressure. Hope this helps , cheers!! 

HeartBreak Makes Bodybuilders

During my school days , I was the most bullied person . the reason why I was the most bullied guy was because I used to body shame myself. I don’t use to feel confident about my body because I was carrying a’lot of chest fat a.k.a Moobies / Man Boobs……

  • When I was in 11th standard , I used to tie a cloth around my chest to compress it in order to reduce it appearance but that did not help as I was caught wearing it because of fucking white shirts on Wednesday and my cloth was pink in colour haha .
  • I was given a’lot of names because of it .
  • I took a week off from school because of it , now I was super embarrassed about it .
  • Everybody in the school got to know about my pink cloth and even girls knew about it .
  • Now , the bully was all around . I became a joke for all the students which was pretty normal because of the funniest shit I did  in order to hide my fat .
  • I was coward and scared to face the outside world.
  • Later , this incident was spread in the tuition centre too and people used to touch my back in order to find the knot around my body .
  • I was depressed and used to have sleeping pills in order to sleep well.
  • My mom suffered because of me . But then one fine day, I discovered this heavenly thing ” Gym ” .
  • I started working out . Did a’lot of cardio , bench press , Jumping jacks , Applied a’lot of thing around my chest , drank gallons of water .
  • Finally , I lost a’lot of weight , people started to believe that I don’t have chest fat anymore , but instead of appreciating , they started running fingers around my chest to check weather fat was still there or not ?!
  • And yes ,I was caught again , I was left with lose skin and thing got worst , now it was not a hard fat anymore , It was soft and squishy and things got out of hands now.
  • My training was bad , I lost weight very quickly.
  • Somehow I did my schooling and got committed after that , It was the most beautiful feeling in the world as it was my first relationship.
  • I was so much in love but then She also felt my chest was saggy and she started making fun of it.
  • Now , it did hurt my male ego and I was depressed and stressed at the same time .
  • We broke up maybe because of my body issues. thankfully , I was having good arms , back and legs only issue was my lose skin.
  • After a’lot of efforts I got my liposuction done and I was blessed with a new life.
  • Chest fat did not go completely but it was not saggy anymore .
  • I was feeling normal and happy. I started working out more and got shredded as fuckkk !!
  • This is just a glimpse of my journey. I feel like I have invested most of the time in training my body and got to know about all the bad training technique too .
  • I have applied every possible thing on me while bulking or cutting .
  • I Want to help other people too with the help of this blog and my YouTube videos.

For those who are suffering from the same issue ,
having any kind of depression or transformation story.
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